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free batch PopClick remover

i need a free program that batch remove PopClick from multiple mp3 files that had vinyl as source
Lame can't do it
XRECODE can't do it
Goldware can do it but is trial
i can't find foobar2000 plugin

free batch PopClick remover

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I don't know of an effective free solution to this problem.  ClickRepair is one of the least expensive paid options; search around and you'll find a number of favorable reviews.  It has a free evaluation period so you can see if it does what you need and is worth it to you.  Note that this process, as well as the tempo adjustment you asked about earlier, will both result in a transcode of your original MP3.  You may want to run a few trials before you batch everything to verify to your ears that any loss of quality is acceptable.  If you combine your processing, you'll transcode only once: Original MP3 > WAV > ClickRepair > Tempo Adjustment > Re-encode to MP3.  Or, you can encode the output file to lossless and avoid potential transcoding loss altogether.

free batch PopClick remover

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 You don't like that warm-natural-analog sound? 

Audacity (FREE) has a Click Removal "effect" plug-in.  All of these tools are different and to some work better than others....    So, you'll have to try it to see if it does the job for you.

...that batch remove PopClick
The batch/automatic de-clickers are usually not perfect...  It's hard for a computer to know what's a defect and when there's something that sounds like a click that's part of the music.  (The manual de-clickers are not always perfect either.)    Other times it's impossble to remove the click without otherwise damaging the sound.    Also, the MP3 compression might change the waveform in a way that makes the defect harder for the computer to detect. 

This page has several suggestions for click-removal software.  (Some of these may not work with MP3, but all click removal programs will have to decode the MP3 before processing anyway.)

I use Wave Repair ($30 USD).  It works great in the manual mode and it only "touches" the waveform where you identify a defect, but it's very time-consuming.

Goldware can do it but is trial
I've had GoldWave for about 10 years.  Since the upgrades are free, the cost has been insignificant at only about $5 a year.  It's the BEST  software "investment" I've ever made!!!    (But, I don't use it for de-clicking.)

free batch PopClick remover

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GoldWave Pop/Clik Presets "Passive" (= Tolerance +3000) is great
i'm sorry for the GoldWave Limitations:


free batch PopClick remover

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I tend to be wary of programs that are too automatic.
If I was doing this, I would want to keep back-ups of the batch-processed files just in case it made a mess of the files.

Audacity can be good, and is free, however afaIk it does not batch process files.

Best wishes

free batch PopClick remover

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I can easily see temporal smearing from MP3 encoding, would reduce the effectiveness of automatic click removal. Even if the temporal smearing itself isn't audible. Click detection seemingly works by detecting large sudden jumps in the waveform, temporal smearing makes the jumps not-so-sudden.

GoldWave is the only program I know of that does this in batch. While it's true that it nags you to register, isn't it still fully functional without registering? At least it was that way years ago. Maybe try looking for an older version if they've crippled the functionality for non-payers.

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