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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / overwolf plugin anywhere?
Last post by frogboy07 -
hey guys. i was wondering if anyone knows of any plugin that would enable the Overwolf music app to control foobar2000 while ingame? just wondering since it was a kind of nice thing when i was using winamp back in the day. thanks in advance
As far as the higher bitrate, I find even sbc at 328 kbps (high quality) to be pretty good.  However, most people experience bluetooth audio with sbc at medium quality, which is very noticeable (and not in a good way).

My limited experience is that iPhones are more likely to be successful to negotiate up to the higher quality of sbc, while my Samsung Note 5 (a premium phone at the time of its release) will only get medium quality sbc, unless the receiver has aptx.  (My Note 5 also has aptx.)

Does anyone have any first-hand expertise understanding why iPhones are able to to consistently get sbc high quality profile?
This discussion began as a tangent from another thread when we were discussing bluetooth audio.  I was questioning the value of a higher-than-aptx bitrate audio codec for wireless audio, as aptx is pretty transparent to most people, and if you need a higher bandwidth, well that's what wifi is for.

andy, aptx was designed with low latency as a primary consideration.  There is even a "low latency" variant called aptx ll, but I do not know how widely it is distributed.  Still, I still find it to have some lip-sync issues when, e.g. I am watching a movie on a tablet by have an aptx headphone audio connection to the same tablet.  I usually give up and go to direct wired connection.

I totally understand your distinction between BT for audio and casting.  True, the wireless routing can get somewhat tricky if you need wifi to cast, as that usually turns off mobile data on most phones.  But it need not.  It makes sense to turn off the cellular radio when you are connected to the Internet via wifi, especially for the phone.  But it is not technically hard.  In fact, any phone that offers portable hotspot is doing it already (keeping wifi and cellular radio on at the same time).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by EpicForever -
Hi Zao,
Thank you for your help. Yes, you are perfectly right. Recently I updated my components + added 1 or 2. Some of those updated are now splitted into 2-3 dlls. So finally I have reached the TLS slot limit. I deleted some of less important co,ponents. Now everything works fine with waveform seekbar.
Microsoft... "128 TLS slots ought to be enough for anybody" (paraphrasing Bill Gates). Yes, especially in plugin based applications.
Other Lossy Codecs / LDAC vs aptx vs sbc (bluetooth audio)
Last post by klaberte -
Good info on the LDAC.  I wonder if it will really take off, as I think that, despite the future Android support, I'm not sure what problem it is solving.  If you want higher resolution, it seems that cast and airplay are already in place and have the solid backing of lots of influential players.
It's solving the problem of Sony not having a proprietary format to push in this decade. Joking aside, it's not so much a direct competition to Airplay/Cast, since it's a BT codec, you don't need WiFi. It's a direct competition to aptX. Both are proprietary codecs that work through A2DP. BT in general also has much less latency than Airplay/Cast, both of which are impossible to do for video (unless you're streaming video/audio together), so for instance, no video watching on your phone and sound playing on your Airplay/Cast speaker. And forget about games. BT sometimes can support even games. Dunno if LDAC has any improvements on latency, but aptX has a low-latency codec, unfortunately I'm not sure if it's that popular. I've only seen one super crappy noisy as hell adapter that I bought and returned at Amazon.

Why would you want 96 kHz/24 bit music to be played through a portable speaker that, due to its portability, has to make all sorts of compromises?
Personally, I don't care about "hi-res" audio, but Sony is pushing it relatively hard. I don't like that marketing part of it, but on the other hand they are coming out with interesting products that not many other brands are, like their portable Cast speakers. I'm mildly interested in LDAC not for the "hi-res", but for the much higher bitrate than regular SBC. I would rather them concentrate in reducing latency though, than silly hi-res marketing that should have died in the 90's.

My hunch is that the portable audio community will work out the network routing implicit with needing a common access point for wifi, and that is much easier to solve than introduction of a new bluetooth codec.
There is WiFi Direct, but from what I've found myself, it's a mess. More miss than hit, to be honest. And I'm pretty sure its main feature, being able to stay connected to a WiFi access point and at the same time connecting via WiFi Direct to another device, requires hardware support that I don't think any current phone has (that I know of).

PS: btw, I don't remember where I got that the XB3 supported aptX, apparently it doesn't. I know some of the older speakers did, like the x7, but the newer ones like my x77 stopped supporting it in favor of their own proprietary codec. Just Sony being Sony.

So I moved this codec discussion to its own thread.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
New Version: JScript Biography 0.7.4


FIX: Regression where biographies didn't exist or were very short (in these rare cases, where fetching didn't work with 0.7.3 & a bio hadn't previously been fetched, "Menu > Sources > Force Update" might be needed to obtain the bio).

ADD: Extended album name clean up to strip "Deluxe Edition", "Limited Edition" etc. before searching so that album reviews and covers can be obtained in these cases.
I find this whole LDAC vs aptx vs SBC codec discussion interesting, and will try to move it to a separate thread so andy and I can blather on. ;-)

Back to the topic at hand: I do think that aptx is "good enough" for the use case discussed.  Heck, I think even sbc at high quality (328 kbps) sounds pretty good-take a listen to the non-aptx (iPhone) files from clavinetjunkie posted above.  I don't think any more bits are needed by me, or most people. 

But, having been experimenting, I am becoming more and more frustrated with bluetooth A2DP in general.  It shares the same ISM band as wifi and a lot of other unlicensed devices.  In a hotel, the spectrum can get very crowded.  Even the Beoplay S3 (a "high-end" bluetooth solution) experiences drop outs (very frequently) and challenges re-pairing requiring a phone restart (infrequently).  I find I need to leave my phone right next to my speakers to maintain a solid bluetooth connection, at which point, what's the point?  If you need your phone sitting next to your speakers, I'll use wires, thank you very much.  Always just works and no dropouts.  I've wrapped a few thousand audio cables thus far, so I still expect fast setups and tear-downs.  Also, I can use my smartwatch to pause, skip, change volume on my phone, which works almost perfectly.

So I'm leaning towards just getting a decent set of "computer speakers", i.e. small powered speakers with 3.5mm input, no battery, no wireless audio.  The iLoud micro monitors are on order, and I'm also considering the small AudioEngine pair.  I'll let you know when I take a listen.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: Biography
Last post by WilB -
New Version: JScript Biography 0.7.4

Requirements are unchanged.
How do you access the advanced options?  I remember messing with them in the past but have completely forgotten how to get them.  Sorry for such a simple question but can't find an answer on Google either.

edit: figured it out...  For some reason I thought it was accessed by clicking the graphic in foo_gep standard options.  Duh, you just go to the main Foobar advanced options (preferences > advanced > playback).
AAC - General / Re: Apple TVBR vs CVBR
Last post by sven_Bent -
Troll? Me? That's funny. Especially coming from somebody who represents a forum that looks the other way when a particular "moderator" (i.e. troll) regularly goes after people here, then uses his power to get away with it. That dude & his friends actually tricked me into that "posting ABX results" thing awhile back. Didn't matter that the results proved him wrong. He & his friends just attacked me, questioning the very methodology of the test to try and shut me up. That's why I not going to bother wasting my time with that crap.

But I guess it's just "coincidence" that Apple came up with that "Mastered for iTunes" crap? That was their way of telling the world "Yeah, we know TVBR sucks. That's why we convinced the music industry to help us make it not sound as much like crap." I can take any song, convert it into both TVBR & CVBR (at the highest settings), and CVBR will win every single time. But, again, nobody has to believe me. Do your own ABX tests. Despite what some think, this stuff ain't rocket science.

And lets get real here. "Rules" are whatever the hell certain people here pull out of their asses to try and shut people up when their world view is threatened. This thread is a reminder of that. Lame move harassing me by PM'ing me troll messages. And one of the from a so-called "moderator" What are you? A bunch of goddamned 5 yr. olds? And some people wonder why some leave this forum and never come back? You people are pathetic!

1: Yes. you are spewing out stuff without backing it up with some real evidence when asked for it. That is  troll'ish behavior

2: I am not representing the forum .I have nothing to do with it beside being and user for many years. But I do believe in its objective to filter out placebo and none-scientific nonsense .

3: it is normal when you put forth theories that it gets scrutinized. That you take that as an attack against you, just shows your lack of understanding the scientific way.

4: babbling about slogans and homebrewed theories does not validate as an evidence. you have been asked and showned a proper way for it. yet you still all back on this child like argumentation.

5: The rules are states and objectively count for all of us. if you think the burden of proof is to high to lift maybe it just you that is wrong. but they are made to empower theories and change by validating them in a scientific way. that oyu cnat life the wualtiy of argumentation to that level does not mean it shut people up. it just means you probably need to do so until you have enough evidence to support it.  Plenty of people have showed lack of quality or founds issues through these means without any issues.

6: people have been leaving rational thinking for decades. that is not only this forum sadly. we cant educate people that don't want to be educated but prefer to stay in their blissful ignorance. I can only show you the way. You have to step through it yourself

if you still believe in what you are saying. You could have proven this a lot faster than the time you have been using on fighting  people asking you for a proof, being it test-samples or ABX.
People have asked into it because they are curios of your claim. You are acting like a spoiled child because people just don't jump aboard your hyper train immediately .