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Strange linker error


I am getting the following link error:

Code: [Select]
initquit.obj : error LNK2005: ___@@_PchSym_@00@UfhvihUylyUwlxfnvmghUerhfzoLhgfwrlLCABAUullyziCAAAUhwpRCABBRADRBBUullyziCAAAUullPko
zborhgPhligUivovzhvUullPkozborhgPhligOlyq@ already defined in foo_playlist_sort.obj

I specified 'Create' for the Precompiled Header option, and
I specified 'Multithreaded DLL (/MD) for the Runtime Library option.
My additional libraries include shared.lib, pfc.lib, foobar2000_SDK.lib and foobar2000_component_client.lib

Thank you very much...

Strange linker error

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I found a solution.

I rebuilt the project from scratch and this time I set the compiler option Precompiled Header to "Not Using Precompiled Headers." I don't know if this is the correct thing to do, but my project now compiles and links.


Strange linker error

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I'm glad you got the problem solved so easily. Precompiled headers can speed up the (re-)compilation of projects which use many and large include files. It is not necessary to use precompiled headers to create a foobar2000 component.

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