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sort library in date file added order


I'm returning to FB2 after a couple of years with roon and wondered if there is any way to sort my music library into most recent file added.  I have "all music" in folder structure but would like the option to sort the folders in most recent added date.

if anyone can tell me how this is done that would be great.

Re: sort library in date file added order

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Hi there,

You may need to use a different library viewer than the Default UI / Album List. See my post here for an example with Library Tree script.

(Assuming you have Playback Statistics component for %added% field?)


Re: sort library in date file added order

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You can add to album list Preferences:
$puts(add_info,$if2($trim(%<album artist>%),unknown artist) – %title%[ '('%album%')'])
$year(%added%)|'('$month(%added%)')' $get(month)|$get(month)', '$day_of_month(%added%)|$substr(%added%,12,19) – $get(add_info),
Not added|$get(add_info)))
(Playback Statistics needed (for %added%))