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Re: Biography Discussion

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I've noticed that the plugin doesn't seem to handle certain special characters correctly.

For instance, i get the following error in my console when attempting to retrieve the album review for:

Biography Server: allmusic review: Closure/Continuation / Porcupine Tree: not found

Is there a workaround or is this a bug? I'd create a github issue, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do it.

I wasn't going to bring it up until the Allmusic bug was solved but now that you've brought it up, YES this is another Biography bug. I discovered it a couple weeks ago with the artist AC/DC and I actually got ChatGPT to fix it.

EDIT... I just checked my notes and it was the lyrics not loading that was the problem. So this is not your issue, BUT this is a separate issue that needs to be addressed.

You have to replace the function findFile in text.js to this...

Code: [Select]
	findFile(v, n) {
const type = /_\.(lrc|txt)$/.test(v.pth) ? 0 : /\.(lrc|txt)$/.test(v.pth) ? 1 : 2;
        let pth = '';
let item = n == 'bio' ? v.pth.replace(/%BIO_ARTIST%|%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%/gi, '%BIO_ARTIST%') : v.pth.replace(/%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%|%BIO_ARTIST%/gi, '%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%');

const a = $.tfEscape(name.artist(!v.lyrics ? : false, !v.lyrics ? false : true).replace(/\//g, '_'));
const aa = $.tfEscape(name.albumArtist(!v.lyrics ? : false, !v.lyrics ? false : true).replace(/\//g, '_'));
const l = $.tfEscape(name.album(!v.lyrics ? : false, !v.lyrics ? false : true).replace(/\//g, '_'));
const tr = $.tfEscape(name.title(!v.lyrics ? : false, !v.lyrics ? false : true).replace(/\//g, '_'));
item = item // substitue bio var + check advanced radio stream parser (tfBio & tfRev do lookUps not parser)
.replace(/((\$if|\$and|\$or|\$not|\$xor)(|\d)\(|\[)[^$%]*%bio_artist%/gi, a ? '$&#@!%path%#@!' : '$&').replace(/%bio_artist%/gi, a)
.replace(/((\$if|\$and|\$or|\$not|\$xor)(|\d)\(|\[)[^$%]*%bio_albumartist%/gi, aa ? '$&#@!%path%#@!' : '$&').replace(/%bio_albumartist%/gi, aa)
.replace(/((\$if|\$and|\$or|\$not|\$xor)(|\d)\(|\[)[^$%]*%bio_album%/gi, l ? '$&#@!%path%#@!' : '$&').replace(/%bio_album%/gi, l)
.replace(/((\$if|\$and|\$or|\$not|\$xor)(|\d)\(|\[)[^$%]*%bio_title%/gi, tr ? '$&#@!%path%#@!' : '$&').replace(/%bio_title%/gi, tr);

switch (type) {
case 0:
pth = item.replace(/_\.(lrc|txt)$/, '.$1');
case 1:
pth = item.replace(/\.(lrc|txt)$/, '_.$1');
let pths = !v.lyrics ? [item] : [item, pth];
return pths.some(w => {
const wildCard = /[*?]/.test(w);
if (!wildCard) {
this[n].readerItem = panel.cleanPth(w, !v.lyrics ? : false, !v.lyrics ? '' : 'lyr').slice(0, -1).replace(/#@!.*?#@!/g, '');
return $.file(this[n].readerItem);
} else {
let p = panel.cleanPth(w.replace(/\*/g, '@!@').replace(/\?/g, '!@!'), !v.lyrics ? ppt.focus : false, !v.lyrics ? '' : 'lyr').slice(0, -1);
p = p.replace(/@!@/g, '*').replace(/!@!/g, '?').replace(/#@!.*?#@!/g, '');
const arr = utils.Glob(p);
if (!arr.length) return false;
this[n].readerItem = arr[0];
return $.file(this[n].readerItem);

I don't know if this is a proper fix or not but it works.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Just to clarify, when I say "Another Biography bug" I'm not saying that in a snide or pissy way. It's a complex program and there are bound to be bugs.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks! I've had to edit js files to "fix" things with this plugin before as well.

There is a much better fix here...

This will only work for Georgia Reborn. If you're using it in another theme, you'll want to remove all traces of .bio, .Bio and bioSet.focus needs to be changed to ppt.focus.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hey there quick question (although Idk if there's really a quick answer): is it possible to replace some of the fields shown in text view with my own tags of the now playing song? For example I have my own Style tags derived from Rateyourmusic and Description tags from there as well. Example of what I'm talking about:

Re: Biography Discussion

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Is this plugin discontinued? Last version I saw was released back in 2021 - 3 years ago.