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MP3 / Re: LAME fastest encoding(-q 9) gives better quality than the slowest encoding(-q 0)
Last post by maikmerten -
While I feel that indeed the bit rate of this example is waaay below MP3's comfort level, for me still the question remains why LAME behaves the way it does. At some point, as bitrate scales down, some techniques used for q0 appear to break down, with faster settings such as q9, in this example, providing a clearly more listenable result (it's not even close in a casual A/B comparison).

Presumably there may be a crossover point in bitrate where the added processing of q0 actually helps.

I'm seeing a lot of web radios operating in CBR in the 96 - 128 kbps range, which certainly is within the design range of MP3. It might be neat and relevant to see if LAME has a q0/q9 problem in this range as well.

@Molledix Is this sample available somewhere in uncompressed form so one can explore with higher bitrates?
MP3 / Re: LAME fastest encoding(-q 9) gives better quality than the slowest encoding(-q 0)
Last post by Molledix -
If I want the highest quality for CBR what should I pick then? I can't hear the difference at 320kbps but I can see through audacity that -q 0 boosts the transients and the true peak more than -q 9 when encoded at the same volume level, so I could deduce that -q 9 is more transparent as the peaks volume stay closer to the original wav file than -q 0 even at the highest bitrate?
Speech Codecs / Is anyone using WMA Voice to record and export (if using TTS) speech?
Last post by MihaiPopa12346 -
Is anyone using WMA Voice to record and export (if using TTS) speech?
I know that WMA Voice (Windows Media Audio 9 Voice) is a speech codec, that it only works good on speech.
Quality for me is quite good actually, even at the lowest bitrate setting (4 kbps, 8 kHz, mono).
Check the files!
original.mp3 - Original MP3 file. What I fed in OpenAI's text to speech (used link: (Fable voice, normal speed): "What I'm hearing this right now is a example speech clip encoded with Windows Media Audio 9 Voice, which actually has a quite good quality, even at the lowest bitrate setting!"
wav.wav - Transcoded variant from above to WAV. - - Transcoded variant from WAV to all the WMA Voice formats, notice it's very clear? So: WMA Voice is for speech, and you should too. - - Transcoded variant from WAV to equivalent WMA 9.2 formats, notice the metalicy and other artifacts? So: WMA 9.2 is not for speech, but it's for music and general audio. If you have only speech, you should use WMA Voice.
Remember that transcoding to WAV uses FFmpeg (2023-07-16) and to WMA Voice and WMA 9.2 uses WMAenc, which you can download from here. Many wishes and wises for clarifying the name of the tools I use to convert to these formats.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by Julero -
It would be really cool to open a topic to share these animated text models (templates)...

Yes, it would be very cool to share all the designs.

Let's see if pqyt discovers a way to access the same information that Foobar's peak meters access to be able to create VU Metter and that kind of crazy stuff in a personalized way.

Very nice component, I made a template with it to rotate the cover, it works very well, I hope to get the color settings of foobar2000 will be better, and also, with the eslyric lyrics component, how do I make the lyrics appear in the panel?
It's great !!. It looks very pretty and dynamic. Great how the covers and the cookie design of the CD change.
Yes, it's based on HTML+CSS rotation and shadow effects, currently it can't follow the color changes of foobar2000, for good results you need its support, and you need to have a complete cover and disc image, otherwise it can only load the default image.

It turned out great on you. I just noticed the shadow detail in the profile of the disk. That has to be impossible to do with anything other than CSS. It is the freedom that these markup and web programming languages ​​give.

In my case I have all the covers inside the album folders. I think it is better that you have everything like this, embedded covers increase the size of the files and if you want to modify the cover you have to do it in all the audio files.

Let's see if I can later put in the code that I used to put the covers with a fade effect between them.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by Julero -
Why not? By inserting the component into the layout, I can view and listen to any sites including this one. The only question is managing links to sites.
[attach type=thumb]31171[/attach]

Oh yeah. Of course you could show everything you want.

Also a system that enters the title of the song in a search, and that an AI makes you a kind of article talking about the song (of all the information and web pages that Wikipedia, discongs, google, blogs, reddit has found). With the day it was recorded, how it was recorded, the history of the composition, photos, etc.

It would have to be an online AI, or a local AI that is capable of doing all that. I don't know if there will be anything now. But that detail would be brutal if it appeared with every song you listen to.

The crazy things that can be done are almost endless.