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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Best way to equalize according to a curve
Last post by widemediaphotography -
I'm trying to improve the response of the He1000 Stealth headphones with foobar. I have already exhausted the possibilities of the default equalizer present in fb2K, but I would like to connect the curve more precisely, for example by checking the attached graph (blue line) I should increase the 1kHz-3Hkz range by a few decibels, and also the range 20-90hz.
 What really working solutions currently exist?

Thank you
FLAC / Re: FLAC - stored main chunk length differs from written length
Last post by bryant -
And so, the validity in Reply 50 of that test file ... with that interpretation?

(BTW, I am not much fan of overmoderation, but @korth as mod: This thread has become more about peculiar WAVE files than a wishlist on one particular encoder/decoder. Or maybe wishful thinking on my part. Maybe it does no harm staying in this subforum.)
Yes, the header is valid with that interpretation. However, the audio does not have the appropriate NULL padding (which would be half the bytes) and so you get an error message, which is more informative than "unsupported WAV format".

I agree that this thread has become about lossless compressors' handling of non-conforming WAV files in general, not just FLAC's handling of one particular non-conforming file. Perhaps a rename and move to General Audio or Lossless / Other Codecs would do?
General - (fb2k) / played queue history/log
Last post by jurzystas -
Hi, I search for the way how to display the played queue history/log - mean - all songs that have been played in the current session (I am using queuing of individual songs from different playlist - AltQ - ad-hoc) TiA :-)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Defender -
I created a DSP Preset button which works fine.

How can I optimize the following
Code: [Select]
case arr[active].name == 'Upmix to 3.0 (FL FR C)' || arr[active].name == 'Upmix to 4.0 (FL FR BL BR)' || arr[active].name == 'Upmix to 5.0 (FL FR C BL BR)':
which works to something like
Code: [Select]
case arr[active].name[1,5] == 'Upmix':
which does not work.
What is the syntax for matching the first 5 characters of arr[active].name ?

On a similar note ... how can I check for a pattern in a string (for instance) '[exclusive]' ?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playback Statistics Questions
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there, I'll answer in order...

1. Sure, what were you thinking the tab would look like? You can make a dedicated "Recent" tab using an auto-playlist and view it with EsPlaylist (DUI/CUI, 32-bit only) like I outlined over here. (Since EsPlaylist can lock view to any playlist besides the active one)

2. If you mean clicking stars in the playlist, the playlist viewer has to support a click-able rating column. Not sure the CUI playlist viewer has that feature yet. DUI playlist viewer does as of foobar v2.0. Older stuff like SimPlaylist (DUI, 32-bit only) and EsPlaylist also have click-able ratings (to tags). And of course the javascript ones, JSPlaylist and Smooth Playlist with JSP3.

3. Yes, most likely it overwrites tags, since they have to be updated with every play. However you should be able to import tags to database first, on the right-click tracks > Playback Statistics menu. Then your tag ratings would also be in the database and get written back to tags. (Test it first on one track to be safe)

4. It only supports ratings of 1-5.

5. No, it writes all statistics fields.

6. No idea for sure, but statistics fields are available to use everwhere else, so I guess SQL can read them too.