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CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

Anyone else tried using CueRipper with a Pioneer S21WBK optical drive?   I've recently bought one but it doesn't seem compatible with CueRipper.     When I try a rip, CueRipper can read the TOCID and gets the metadata, appears to detect the gaps OK as it produces a complete .cue file but when it starts the actual rip I get this error:  Exception:  Error reading CD: medium error:  UNRECOVERED READ ERROR.

Initially, I thought the problem was due to connecting the drive via a USB-SATA adapter which meant that CueRipper was seeing the adapter ID rather than the drive ID and therefore could not determine the correct Read Offset, etc.    However, I've now installed the drive as an internal SATA device in my PC so CueRipper can now see the correct drive ID but I'm still getting the same read errors.

The drive works OK with straight CD playback using VLC Player or Windows Media Player.

Any similar experiences or suggestions?


Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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Thanks for that.    That github link describes the same problem with an LG GH24NSD1 and I've seen suggestions elsewhere that the Pioneer S21WBK is actually a badged LG GH24NSD0 or GH24NSD1, so that all seems to fit.

I'll study the link in more detail.

Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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Read that github link in detail and, following from that, found that CueTools Changelog indicates that maintenance release 2.1.9 includes the fix for this issue for the drives listed in the github link - LG GH24NSD1 and ASUS DRW-24D5MT.    I downloaded version 2.1.9 (and installed the necessary .NET 4.x) and tried that version of CueRipper.

The fix does not work for the Pioneer S21WBK - I'm still getting the same error..  Is a further update required?

Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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That's why I mentioned the workaround build ( by lkydev. It contains the fix and is not drive specific (but meant for drives like the LG GH24NSD1 and ASUS DRW-24D5MT only). It's not a final solution but if that build works on your drive then the developers can be informed.

Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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Apologies, korth - my mistake.    I wrongly assumed that the 2.1.9 maintenance release had superseded the Ikydev workaround version.   I have now downloaded that workaround version and tried it successfully.

I can confirm that Ikydev's 2.1.7-workaround-v2 version does resolve the UNRECOVERED READ ERROR issue with my Pioneer drive,   I've just completed a successful test rip. 

I've also realised that I've omitted part of the drive description in my earlier posts - it should be Pioneer DVR-S21WBK.  The drive description as reported by CueRipper in the drive selection drop-down is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-S21 PA01.  (I believe the PA01 element is the firmware version.)

Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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Thanks for testing.


Re: CueRipper and Pioneer S21WBK

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I've found a bit of time to do the test now.

Your most recent message linked to a 2022-01-06 build wheres the earlier message referred to a 2022-01-05 build.  I've downloaded and tested the 2022-01-06 build.  I had a few warnings thrown up by Norton 360, mainly because it was an unknown file but when I ran CueRipper it also complained about a lack of security signature.

Anyway, this version seems to work with the Pioneer DVR-S21WBK drive as well as working with my Plextor drive - I did not get the C2 errors with the Pioneer. 

However, a couple of runs were aborted with IoctlFailure errors.  But I believe that is a function of connecting the Pioneer drive through the Sabrent USB3 adapter.  I've seen that problem on occasions in the past when using that adapter but not when I had the Pioneer connected as an internal SATA device in the PC.  To prove the point, I retested with 2.1.7v2 and again had a IoctlFailure error.
So I'm pretty sure that those errors are nothing to do with the 2.1.9 test build.

Thanks for testing and providing the details.

Concerning USB3, please have a look at
It can help to connect the USB3 adapter to a USB2 port (if available) or use a USB2-cable in between the USB3 port and the USB3 adapter, to work in USB2-mode. This can be e.g. a short USB2 extension cable. BTW, USB2 is fast enough for CD- or DVD-drives.