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Title: VirtualDub 1.5.9 released
Post by: JohnV on 2003-11-12 17:16:53
http://www.virtualdub.org/ (http://www.virtualdub.org/)

VirtualDub 1.5.9 (build 18121) change log:

[features added]
* Made 'autodetect additional segments by filename' option sticky.
* Removed trackbar ticks when ticks are a solid bar to speed up edits on very long timelines.
* Added option to disable use of DirectX in video displays under Preferences/Display.

[bugs fixed]
* Fixed odd lock-to-keyframe behavior with edit lists that have out of order segments.
* Fixed move-to-next-keyframe command at end of time-line.
* Fixed decompression of 1-bit and 4-bit uncompressed AVI files under Windows 95/98.
* Audio compression dialog showed the wrong set of valid formats if a precision was selected under Audio Conversion.
* The current edit list is no longer applied to batch jobs created from entire directories.

[regressions fixed]
* Fixed display crashes with odd-width images.
* Segment loading wasn't hopping across drives to pick up segments from a multisegment capture, as directed by the AVI's segment hint block.