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General Audio / Re: Channel upmixing & lossy coding
Last post by Luke M -
Many DVDs have Dolby Surround encoded tracks that are only 2 channels using the Dolby Digital codec (.ac3) and that is a lossy codec as well.

Actually I meant the "Dolby Surround" introduced in 2014 that supports height channels and all that, not the "Dolby Surround" from the 1980s. It's confusing because they re-used the name.

It's my understanding that lossy codec developers only consider and test the scenario of playing the audio as-is with no further processing. So I wonder whether sophisticated full-bandwidth upmixing could reveal differences that would otherwise be inaudible.
General Audio / Re: Upscaling MP3 to DSD
Last post by Mitch66 -
Thanks again guys,

Just so you don't think I am making this up, I thought I would include the link to the iFi Technical Note (hope I am allowed to do this);

The method does use the Foobar plug-in, but as far as I can see, it only runs in JRMC (which I do not have) and although I have the iFi Micro USB, unfortunately I do not have one of their DACS.  There are a couple of professional software suites that may do the conversion, but they are very expensive.  I had hoped that by just using the Foobar plug in I could do it totally within foobar using my own DSD capable DAC.

From your advice however it seems like I might be wasting my time, but even so, just to appease my own curiosity, I would like to have a go if anyone could tell me how (without buying JMRC, an iFi Dac or expensive software).

On the plus side, the work on the time machine is going well, just a few minor issues to resolve.  However, as interesting as I find digital audio, my first trip will be back to 1960 to buy as many new Decca SXL recordings as I can!

Thanks all,

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