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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar from Windows Store Bluetooth voice commands work, normal installation not
Last post by PeterMac -
Thank you for reply, but this not depend on Google, Google Home device, it depend from Windows 10 only.

Foobar2000 installed from Microsoft Store on Windows 10 work corectlly and can be controlled by voice commands same like Foobar2000 installed on Windows 7.
I think apps from Microsoft Store have some kind of exlusive mode which give them all permissions. I thought you will be know more about this why this happening.

Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by Wally Walters -
How does the audio quality of Opus 1.3 at 32 kbps stereo compare to 48 kbps FDK these days?  Testers of earlier versions claimed they were equivalent, but I found that not yet to be the case,
Audio Hardware / Where to buy a Fiio L11 or a decent alternative? (Anyone have one for sale?)
Last post by MaxDread -

I already own one of these but I could really do with a second one to keep in the car permanently.  It's a great little gadget, but it always seems to be where I'm not!  Unfortunately though it has been discontinued for a while and I can't find one to buy anywhere. 

Has anyone seen one for sale (maybe I've missed it)?  Or does anyone have one for sale?  Otherwise, does anyone know of a decent quality alternative?

Many thanks
Audio Hardware / Looking for a multi USB car charger which will also charge an iPod Classic 160GB
Last post by MaxDread -
Hi all

I will soon be doing a lot of travelling and so have been looking for a good quality USB hub that you plug into the car's cigarette lighter.  I found a few on Amazon that got good reviews, but they said they are not compatible with the iPod Classic.  Not sure why.  But that's one of the devices I'll need to charge amongst others. 

So does anyone have or know of something that they could recommend?

Many thanks :)

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by MordredKLB -
... or else it would probably be significant in size, if it were, say, providing a complete copy of V8, like nodejs does.
Dunno about V8, but SpiderMonkey (Firefox JS engine) takes only ~18Mb, so it's not really that bad =)
I'm hearing you say you're going to do a fork with spidermonkey and full ES6 support.... ;)
General Audio / Re: ReallyRareWares has risen from the dead!!
Last post by rjamorim -
Greetings! Here is the first update in a while...

  • M├ętis MP3 player (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • Another MP3 to EXE converter (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • WWV - Women, Whisky and VQF! (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • Plugins for several formats for Apollo player
  • Another version of Yamaha SoundVQ Encoder (thanks to Sebastian Knop)

Development - (fb2k) / Re: Visual Studio 2013-2017 compatibility notice
Last post by davideleo -
I've just tried the latest SDK (2018-03-06) with VS 2017 Enterprise and Community editions versions 15.6.2 and 15.6.3 and there are many errors including missing atl header files ie atlapp.h, atlctrls.h and atlcrack.h.
Ooops! I I hadn't loaded WTL (

See post below for description;,111311.msg917243.html#msg917243

Did you succeed building the foo_sample component? I still get a missing atlapp.h warning, even after including the WTL directory as described by marc2003.
AAC - Tech / Re: Absolute best AAC quality with qaac
Last post by Deathcrow -
You are wasting your time. At these bitrates any differences will be inaudible... particular when listening in a car. Just pick the highest VBR setting if that makes you happy and focus on things that actually matter, like listening.
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