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About data CD-Rs and folder structure

Okay, this is a very stupid question. But I've never had an opportunity to test it. I'm going to start archiving my audio files to CD-R (the only option right now.) I want to maintain my folder structure (Artist/Album/Track, etc) on the discs. Will doing this make them in any way OS-dependent? In other words, if I make these on an XP computer, will they have trouble reading on a Vista machine later on?
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About data CD-Rs and folder structure

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Is it possible Microsoft would make billions of CD-ROMs unreadable in a new OS version? Perhaps, if they can somehow make enough money by doing so, but that would be extremely huge compared to the current DRM complaints being bandied about. How could they ever prevent second party software from taking up the slack?


About data CD-Rs and folder structure

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There won't be any problem from Windows to Vista.

Food For Though: You WILL have problems from Windows to any sort of Unix based OS if you don't know what you are doing with the File/Folder names. I am fanatic about DJ Tiësto. Unfortunately all my CD rips I made in Windows have ë in the file name, and Ubuntu doesn't recognize the files correctly. So until I find a media player that supports APE images, CUE sheets, and RAR-archived MP3s [just like FooBar2000], or find a language pack to install into wine, I am stuck with my favorite music unplayable with my wine-emulated FB2K.
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