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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by TF3RDL -
Please provide more details about what you think is wrong.
There are multiple Gaussian-like curves (asides the sidelobes from window function) that is not present in my own spectrum analyzer project on CodePen, even on the same window function and FFT settings (4096 samples Hann-windowed FFT) on a 50Hz test tone (though not tested on my own fb2k with foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer as it is obvious on the screenshots by someone else even if the audio source is not a test tone)

Maybe you can do rigorous testing to make sure that the results between these two are the same so long as the settings between your component (a C++ port of my own project, algorithm-wise) and my own project (not just this, but also another one) are the same as eachother (if applicable)?
Ah, I forgot to attach the 50Hz tone file and BTW, this should look like this within the default configuration (aside the color scheme resembling fb2k built-in "Spectrum" visualization and 20Hz-20kHz range):
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by GLcentral -
Hey there! Absolutely loving this tool but I have a question about something I cant seem to find an answer to..
All the images that are downloaded have 'Folder-' at the beginning even if i set the preset to anything else (for example if I set it to CD the filename will be 'folder-CD'.
I hadn't realized and started to download a whole bunch of stuff once I got the Discogs working and realized i really mucked up!
Cheers for the help in advance.
Support - (fb2k) / Playlists Get Zero'd Out After a Library Search
Last post by Revup67 -
This has occurred several times in 2.12 x 64bit. When a playlist is highlighted, a Search is conducted for an artist or song. The results appear with the results however the playlist that was highlighted with several thousand tracks now shows 0 tracks.
Fortunately each time I add 1 track or more I save the playlist as an .FPL file and can easily restore.  However this should not be the case.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by sveakul -
I just let Foobar v2.2 x64 and 1.6.17 both update from version 0751 to 0762 of Spectrum Analyzer, and while I only use the spectrum bars format I find its display is now the best to date.  FWIW, the only non-identical adjustments I have between the two Foobars is that in v2.2 for Common I use smoothing method Peak/.9 and in 1.6.17 I use Average/.3.

Great work on 0762, pqyt!