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General Audio / Re: Equalise Volumes via dbPoweramp (-db) & wxMp3gain (+db) conversion
Last post by hmp -
Wxmp3gain's reversible changes that I'm looking for is identified here:
And the unique lossless algorithm normalization I'm looking for is identified here:
This is because my apps don't read replaygain tags, but they do recognise mp3gain's edits (which I can reverse if I want to).
CUETools / Re: CUETools DB
Last post by Atsix26 -
Hi everyone!
I'm sorry if this has already been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer. I wanted to know why some albums seem to have multiple TOCIDs, even though CTDB treats different pressings as the same album.

I verified a rip I've made of one of my CDs and CTDB verified it as "verified OK, confidence 4". A friend of mine has the same CD and his rip was verified as "verified OK, confidence 41", with a totally different TOCID. I'm not sure if we have different editions, but could that be the reason?

Thanks in advance.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: Request: Dark theme -- yeah, I know, AGAIN.
Last post by bokeron -
  • Yes, I would do it myself if I had the knowledge. I don't.

Default Win dark themes are unusable, however there are many free OS-level options that are usable (and easy to try):


User laziness shouldn't be a developer's concern.

Modifying a whole OS User Interface to achieve dark mode for a single app might be the contrary of user lazyness... but it surely is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

As a developer, I'd be more concerned about people having to do this just to get my app in dark mode.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: Request: Dark theme -- yeah, I know, AGAIN.
Last post by bokeron -
The text in bold might appear important to you as an end user but they're unlikely to sway any developer. And popularity votes probably aren't going to help either.
edit: just tested mp3tag and notepad++ since I use them already.... damn they're fugly in dark mode. No way I could stick with either of them

The text in bold is there to highlight what for me is a sign of lagging behind most other developers/apps.
If developers are swayed or not by any of this is up to them as always has been. I'm just reminding them once more that everybody is giving a dark theme to their programs... and there must be a reason why unless all of them are idiots.

The voting is there for everyone who feels like stating what's their stance on this. I expect few votes and no clear winner. We're in a forum that is mostly visited by advanced users and people with some kind of technology background. Basic users either go with what they've got... or they're already using a dark mode player  8)
Even massive Yes or massive No wouldn't mean a thing if you care for giving options to your users,

That you may stick with dark MP3tag ot notepad++ might appear important to you but in any case they're better than a blindingly white app in an otherwise totally dark desktop. They, at least, try to do it, and they finetune the UI colors often if they receive negative feedback.
General Audio / Re: Equalise Volumes via dbPoweramp (-db) & wxMp3gain (+db) conversion
Last post by hmp -
That experiment shows a louder source file via ReplayGain.
And the poll shows Bass being the difference. Is bass more even compared to non-bass heavy tracks with EBU vs classic?
Semantics aside, wxmp3gain is considered lossless. Is foobar normalization lossless or not?
Other than that, are foobar changes reversible like wxmp3gain?
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