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On screen display vs screensaver

Hi everybody,
I am newbie here, but have searched an answer to my question here and did not found it. I recently  listen music using foobar and my TV as a display. I would like to save the TV life, therefore I use a blank screen screensaver while listening. I also use the On screen display plugin to notify track changes. Unfortunately this plugin can not show any info when the screensaver is active. Any idea how to have both blank screen and track change notifications visible?

Re: On screen display vs screensaver

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When playing music with fb2k you can use absolutely black spectrogram on fullscreen instead of blank screensaver. So "On screen display" will be able to show info.


Re: On screen display vs screensaver

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Thank you for this hint. I found other temporary way - minimize Foobar window, set the blank wallpaper, no icons and auto-hide the taskbar in Windows. Not perfect, but works for me. Anyway, it would be nice to have such option directly in the Foobar plugin.