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Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?




Audio files attached. Adding more bits won't eliminate the artifacts.

Re: Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?

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Thanks. I have always used Adobe Audition to verify correctness of the output and its frequency display doesn't seem accurate enough to show these issues. But I can see them with sox's spectrogram. The issue is in my output truncation function. I'll try to fix it soon.

Re: Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?

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Should be fixed in the just released version.

Re: Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?

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Yes fixed. Thanks!

Re: Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?

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Are these artifacts something to be concerned about for files processed previously to the fix? I am talking about 24 bit > 16 bit with 1 bit dither noise. Would you recommend to redo these or is this more of a cosmetic error which will be inaudible in practice?
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Re: Artifacts in Case's Smart Dither?

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No need to reprocess. The noise was only introduced with 23 and 24 bit output. And its loudness was under 130 dB below digital fullscale. I'd claim it was inaudible.