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Gnudb change of policy (

2024-04-20 23:01:27 by spoon | Views: 965 | Comments: 13

Gnu took over freedb's database, and have run it for a couple of years, hats off to them.

However they recently changed policy (last few days), requiring all users to supply their email to lookup discs. This we do not agree with 100%, either you have a free service (like AccurateRip, it is free and has no restrictions), or you go commercial.

We have started to see lookups with messages informing the user to supply their email address, which has lots of issues as far as GDPR and other privacy issues.

Gnudb is actually biting the hand which feeds it, their database will mainly be populated by EAC and dBpoweramp, if needs be we will put up a freedb server from the archives we have and switch over to it, and urge EAC to follow suit.

FFmpeg 7.0 "Dijkstra" released 2024-04-05

2024-04-07 13:54:00 by Porcus | Views: 2554 | Comments: 17

A major release, ffmpeg 7.0, has been out since Friday:

Audio-specific: QOA decoder. 
Not unikely there are some details to existing encoders/decoders too.

(And I haven't paid enough attention to know that -map_channel has been deprecated, until now that it is removed.)

...and we are back

2024-03-08 16:46:38 by spoon | Views: 2435 | Comments: 4

The datacenter we host with lost all network connectivity, including redundancies.

In the last 20 years we have nearly had a 100% uptime, once stung around 15 years ago when GoDaddy messed up their DNS servers, that was a 3-4 day outage from memory.

Then our previous datacenter, had 3 network connections, one was down for maintenance, a builder dug through one, leaving just one, and the datacenter cut through the working one thinking it was the damaged one, that was a 1 day outage also.

It happens, even to the best of them (a few days ago, Facebook lost their authentication servers).

Will work with the datacenter to understand why the redundancies failed over the next few days.