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splitting a long DTS file (.dts)

I have some multi-song DTS files (.dts, not  dts .wav) that need to be split into individual songs.  I know where to set the split points but I haven't found any tools that let me actually do the splitting without first
converting .dts  to .wav.    I don't want to convert, I just want to split.

Is there software that lets you feed it a list of split points (basiclally, a .cue file) and splits a .dts file natively into smaller .dts files?

(And if you recommend BeSweet/BeSplit, please also give me an example command line, or recommend a GUI that would work for this purpose has proven opaque to me so far)

splitting a long DTS file (.dts)

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BeSplit v0.9 by DSPguru.

some examples :

1. AC3 input. Absolute timestamps.
this will create the files track01.ac3,track02.ac3 on e:\
the length of each track would be 10 seconds.
   Besplit -core( -input live.ac3 -prefix e:\track -type ac3 -a ) -split( 0 10 20 )

2. AAC input. Relative timestamps.
this will create two aac files track01.aac,track02.aac on e:\
the length of each track would be 10 seconds.
   BeSplit -core( -input live.aac -prefix e:\track -type aac -r ) -split( 0 10 10 )

3. MP2 Input. using -ending.
this will create the file track01.mp2 on e:\
track01.mp2 is like live.mp2 excluding the first two minutes of track (they were skipped).
   BeSplit -core( -input live.mp2 -prefix e:\track -type mp2 -ending ) -split( 120 )

4. WAV-AC3 Input. Removing Wave header.
this will create the file track01.ac3 on e:\
the input wav file is an ac3 stream that was extracted from avi using virtualdub.
   BeSplit -core( -input live.wav -prefix e:\track -type ac3 -fix )

5. Fixing length information of WAV (or VBR MP3)
this will create the file fixed.wav on e:\
the filelength field would be corrected.
   BeSplit -core( -input live.wav -output e:\fixed.wav -type wav -fix )

6. Converting a Dolby-Digital-WAV into standard AC3 file
this will create the file track01.ac3 on e:\
   BeSplit -core( -input live.wav -output e:\track01.ac3 -type ddwav -fix )

7. Demuxing a Multichannel wave into Mono waves
this will create the files channel01.wav, channel02.wav on e:\
   BeSplit -core( -input stereo.wav -prefix e:\channel -type wav -demux )

8. Normalizing a MP3 file & Adding wave header :
this will create the file Normalized.wav on e:\
   BeSplit -core( -input input.mp3 -output e:\Normalized.wav -type mp3 -addriff ) -ota( -G max )

for you:

Code: [Select]
Besplit -core( -input audio.dts -prefix split -type dts -a -ending ) -split( 0 120 250 360 )

you can also use delaycut...

Re: splitting a long DTS file (.dts)

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I personaly use MkvToolnix Gui (Vers 10) because very simple to only split while indexing each one:
Open soft clic Multiplexer and put your file in Input, then clic on Output, left side choose in splitting ''After specific TimesCodes'' and put each of them separated by comma, format is hh:mm:ss:millisec.
sample: 01:33:06.000,01:37:01.000 will give 3 dts files: from the begining to 1h33mn06s-1h33mn06s to 01h37mn01s-01h37mn01s till the end of your file.