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tooLame encoding

when backing up dvds to svcd using dvd2svcd, what would offer the best sound quality in tooLame, Stereo, Dual Channel, or Joint Stereo?  Thank you in advance for any information provided.

tooLame encoding

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I don't think tooLame's joint stereo implementation is as safe as Lame's.

I would go for normal stereo.



tooLame encoding

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I've read too that joint stereo mode in mp2 destroys surround information. I think that by default, DVD2SVCD downmixes to surround stereo before encoding to mp2 (I'm not sure, I have to check it).

At now, I use 160 kbps joint stereo on movies (or 192 joint stereo if I have plenty of space), for better bitrate/quality ratio.  But when I know more about this joint stereo issue,  I will either change to stereo or try to dowmix to regular stereo before encoding process.

Still, I've read too that a 192 kbps mp2 is not comparable to a good quality cbr mp3 at the same bitrate.

Maybe some mp2 expert could tell us something else.