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Codec AC3 with VirtualDub

As I was not able to heard any audio encoded in AC3 when playing DivX in any players I just installed the AC3 codec ( & and register its).
Now my players are able to read the AC3 but VirtualDub/Nandub not yet. Every time I tried to edit such a movie I get this error message: ACM FAILED TO SUGGEST AUDIO DECOMPRESSION FORMAT.

Does anyone knows the solution ?


Codec AC3 with VirtualDub

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See, the file is a DirectShow filter. VirtualDub can't handle DirectShow - yet - , only ACM audio.

And I never heard of an ACM AC3 decoder.

Well, there is a famous version of VirtualDub called VirtualDubAC3, that is supposed to be able to work with AVI + AC3. Might be worth taking a look, but I never tested it.

You can find it here:

(Near the end of the page)



Codec AC3 with VirtualDub

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Virtual Dub can't handle ac3s properly. Use Nandub for files with ac3.

Also, get the ac3 filter (from; it works fine in all media players.