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Crash playing a missing item

Attached 2 crash reports, but I can reproduce it anytime playing a missing item on a playlist. Have not been able to reproduce it on a clean install, but also zero clues about the problematic component.

Foobar 1.6.17

EDIT: removed logs.

Re: Crash playing a missing item

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Both textual logs show foo_openlyrics activity right before the crash.

Re: Crash playing a missing item

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Had a quick glance and it uses get_full_info_ref without try/catch. The SDK does warn that it will throw exceptions on failure...

Re: Crash playing a missing item

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In case someone more has this problem and can't wait for a fix, if you are also using dead items daily. Here it is an updated version:

This one uses 1.8.1 version number
And this one maintains the 1.8 version number

Re: Crash playing a missing item

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Version 1.9 is out now ( but besides providing Regor's fix is a huge disappointment.  After waiting since October for a new version, still no requested additional sources added and no source ID option for found lyrics.  I've posted before to github but the developer does not seem overly concerned with user requests there.  Well, what is provided, is free and does work very well.