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Topic: Included WASAPI support in foobar2000 not reflected on the wiki? (Read 2296 times) previous topic - next topic
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Included WASAPI support in foobar2000 not reflected on the wiki?

Despite the fact that WASAPI support in foobar2000 has been added about 2 years ago in version 1.6.7:
  • the "Bypassing Windows Mixer" page claims "foobar2000 can bypass Windows Mixer using optional output components" but does not mention the built-in feature that allows you to do that
  • pages about the foo_out_wasapis (+ debug) and foo_out_wasapi components also do not mention the built-in WASAPI support, which should mark those components obsolete for use in recent versions of foobar2000 (?)
Is there a particular reason why foobar2000's WASAPI support hasn't been mentioned anywhere on those pages? I'm someone who doesn't really know much about foobar2000 at all, so when out of curiosity I googled "foobar2000 wasapi", the first result I got was the component page, which in the same fashion as its wiki page does not say anything about the relevance of these components for latest foobar2000. It's only after another google search prompted me to look at the changelog when I realized these components are perhaps redundant.

Re: Included WASAPI support in foobar2000 not reflected on the wiki?

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The "Bypassing Windows Mixer" page hasn't been edited since 2015, so it obviously predates all knowledge about newer foobar2000 versions. Someone with good English skills and wiki account could fix it.

I don't consider the foo_out_wasapis component I made obsolete. It's an entirely different implementation which behaves quite different than the built-in support - it might even work better for some users.

The original WASAPI output may be considered obsolete with foobar2000 v1.6+, but it too is internally a bit different than the built-in WASAPI support. It can be used as a debug tool when dealing with playback issues. Though I agree the component page could mention that its functionality is replicated in newer foobar versions.