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Foobar2000 Components Page(s) - Migration to 2.0

Hi there,

i underwent effort to move/re-create/update Components pages for Foobar2000 2.0 since this is new step in development and availability.
That brought some challenges, but the idea was to have 2 entry pages. This is now accomplished.
Firstly, default link for Components is page for 2.0 which has at least x64 bit component in fb2k package:
And second one, called Legacy components, with out-of-date or only x86 components available.

Status as of today:
  • Pretty actual state of new Components page with links, descriptions, etc.
  • Most components which are not available in offical Components Page are here to be found
  • Categories migration ist still not finished
  • Official foobar2000 Components pages, which have outdated links got updated to actual Wiki pages, up to 2022-12-25, it is an ongoing process
  • Legacy Components Wiki pages will be updated, after first Offical 2.0 stable

I started in Autumn, gradually checking, updating, etc..

I hope this will be good entry for new/existing users, and valuable documentation source for developers.

Happy to hear about what to improve, and as usual, any corrections, updates, extensions are good for Wiki based Documentation.


Re: Foobar2000 Components Page(s) - Migration to 2.0

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Must have been a lot of work, appreciated.

In , you had duplicated the 3rd party components section number 2 into a section number 4. I presumed that wasn't intended, so I checked that they had identical text and deleted one of them (section 4, so that the page ends with external links).

Re: Foobar2000 Components Page(s) - Migration to 2.0

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Nice. Thanks :)