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State of the wiki and basic stuff answers?


I've noticed some partly recurring, partly really basic-stuff questions and wondered if it would make sense to create some FAQ-style (short, easy to understand, to the point) answers.
Would it make sense to create short articles about that in the wiki? What's the state of the wiki? Are there other regular editors, is it being used?

I'd start with really basic stuff, such as what sine waves are and music is made of, Ohm's law ... frequency domain, FFT (there already is one article, could use some images  ) ...
Articles would either start with a really simple description and technical aspects at the end, or be even split in separate articles for the newbies.

This could even be put into an "audio starters" guide.

Any thoughts?
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State of the wiki and basic stuff answers?

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I think it is a great idea.

State of the wiki and basic stuff answers?

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I think the Wiki should also contain schematics of simple components, like RIAA preamps, simple digital amps, filter circuits etc. I think it would give the Wiki more educational value for someone that's getting into the electronics of it.

Multiphase filterbanks are a little difficult to explain, and I'd have to copy stuff off my favorite signal theory book, but the more simpler stuff... Why not?

State of the wiki and basic stuff answers?

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Make sure it's idiot-proof, because a lot of material is hard for me to understand. 

State of the wiki and basic stuff answers?

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I like the idea. But it's natural for people to simply want to talk about audio, and they won't always know where to begin finding answers on their own. In a way, maybe it's a good sign if HA keeps getting basic questions from new members.