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Audio Hardware / Re: "Only few percents of FIDELITY"
Last post by silverprout -
I've got some loudspeakers that have great abilities in the bass domain and it is easy to perform a low THD measurements outdoor, and indoor.
On the figures 6 to 9 here : and especially the figures 15 and 16 here : the input signal tracking is extremely poor, the output signal is not really in phase, wich mathematically tend to a very low number of statistical correspondance.
A Rice Kellogg loudspeaker is a sheet of paper (or someting else) putted in a box (if you want a punchy bass rendering) acuated by an electric motor... therfore it sounds like sheet of paper (or someting else) putted in a box (if you want a punchy bass rendering) acuated by an electric motor, trying to match the input signal to the output of acoustic energy in the air is a good place to start IMO.
Audio Hardware / Re: Choosing the right amplifier (Rotel vs Primare)
Last post by silverprout -
RE: Tone controls are badly implemented
Not those that are well-designed (in terms of how they alter tonal quality). To suggest that all tone controls are badly implemented is idiotic.  Furthermore I contend that the average listener doesn't know how to use them. This includes amps with only bass and treble controls, as the average listener also doesn't understand that volume is an additional tone control as well.

A wide bands equalizer applied on loudspeakers designed to sound flat in an anechoic chamber will unbalance the spectrum amplitude of your direct singal.
Solve the soundfield problems by modifying imperceptibly the direct sound requires virtuosis competences and advanced tools, i'm dubitative about how ignorant people with simplistic tools can perfom it.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Media Library not working since I switched to portable instalation
Last post by EpicForever -
Wonder who writes those "guides"... The fact that program is not recognized by Windows as installed is the main goal of creating portable installation. It "keeps system clean" and allows you to move it wherever you want on USB flashdrive. But also has downsides - you can't manage file associations via control panel.

So generally if your goals are NOT "keeping Windows clean" and walking with foobar on pendrive, simply install it normally. Then you can go along those guides about rest of configuration steps. It is the best possible solution of your problem.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Rating
Last post by carpman -
foobar2000 can do this 2 ways:

Automatic Rating (based on listening behaviour -- i.e. rated according to what you actually like):

Manual Rating: (rated according to what you say you like):
Others will be more helpful than me. But with:
You simply right click track ? Playback Statistics > Rating > pick a number between 1 and 5.

Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by ThaCrip -

With Foobar2000 it defaults to basically the best mode for Apple AAC and Opus which is VBR for Opus and TVBR for Apple AAC. TVBR or CVBR are all one really needs to use for Apple AAC and VBR for Opus is typical.

I prefer TVBR over CVBR in general because sound quality wise they are pretty much the same (some basically claim CVBR is about the same, maybe a hair better than TVBR (sound quality wise) but usually at a noticeable increase to bit rates) but TVBR generally gives you smaller files (not always, but typically does) which makes it a bit more efficient and being sound quality is pretty much the same, I would rather choose the one that generally uses less storage space since it's more efficient.

like on some of my music, TVBR(Apple AAC) at 96kbps can shoot down into the 6x kbps range (sometimes lower) and I have seen it hit roughly as high as the 12x kbps range (but usually in the ball park of 96kbps give or take 10kbps or so) where as doing the same thing with CVBR it tends to be more stable around the 96kbps range as CVBR seems to limit the bit rate from going too low etc.

but basically... use the default mode and choose a bit rate that suits you (likely 96kbps or 128kbps or 160 kbps) and just use it as that's going to be more of a determiner of quality than the whole TVBR/CVBR stuff. but in my opinion using anything higher than 128kbps is pretty much a waste of storage space as efficiency starts to drop off quite a bit because of little gains in sound quality for a solid increase to file size (I am basing this info around sound test and other info I noticed around here). but I usually go for 96kbps since at that rate your getting a great balance of sound quality/file size and I would imagine people will be using these lossy files on-the-go which makes it that much less likely you need anything TOO high on the sound quality side of things (plus, not to mention... most people probably don't have any fancy headphones etc). hence, I tend to see Apple AAC and Opus to stick with 128kbps or less for the vast majority of people. I would start with 96kbps and then go from there but if you don't want to mess with it and want to play it pretty safe, one can't go wrong with 128kbps.

just some thoughts ;)

p.s. but IgorC pretty much summed it up in much fewer words.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by zoomorph -
I can't get connection to request a token.

Code: [Select]
(FATAL) Error: Authorization Failed (401) [Is OAuth working?](url:

[ESCAPE to close]

I visit with firefox and got:

Code: [Select]
Hello there!

This URL is an OAuth endpoint, but the request you made doesn't appear to
conform to the OAuth 1.0a protocol.

Please consult these resources:

    - Discogs OAuth docs:
    - the OAuth specification:
    - the documentation for your OAuth library

for information on how to use this endpoint.

- Discogs

I allow foobar2000 to networking and disabled temporary windows firewall. Nothing help.

How does this plugin use my network windows 10? Could there be some problem with proxy or vpn settings?
If you search this thread you might find solutions to that problem. A few requirements that I recall: your system clock needs to be set correctly & your OS needs TLS 1.2 support. The plugin uses foobar2000's network settings. The OAuth endpoint is expected to return that error if you navigate to it in the browser.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Conversion failed: File is already in use
Last post by pikashi -
And the exclusive access for writing to audio files of Foobar2000 is a "must have" permission? I know some programs are not allowed to reading files when they are on edit, but can't understand why Foobar2000 cannot write to audio files when other programs are reading them.
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