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Re: Audacity will spy you

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Which is exactly why some people prefer Open Source - to see (and, potentially, modify) what is sent where. It amuses me that, while HA runs on a free forum software, true freedom is seen as dead and buried by its team.

As long as I have the choice between having my data sent to Google and not having my data sent to Google, I'll choose the latter.

Okay, while you are at it:

* Detach from the modern world
* Go entirely off grid
* Live off the land
* Do away with society entirely.

Than you can be 100% Free. Then you will not have to worry about CPU microcode being copyrighted. Or anyone spying at all. Could be fun!

There may be a half way point here mate. Also, this is clearly an informed user telling us that the program he uses is no longer suitable for his requirements. I don't see why we can't respect that.

And I think its pretty hyperbolic of him to say that if I don't mind telemetry, I should avoid FOSS.

Which is a BS statement. There are many other reasons to release code under FOSS than just to satiate people's concerns about privacy. I know I have my own reasons for opening my source code to things I do, none of which are related to privacy or even FOSS evangelism.

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