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Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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I registered just to say this plugin is amazing, style, functionality, everything about it is utterly exceptional.
Thank you very much for your efforts! :)

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Thank you for this amazing plugin. I really like the options of customization.

I'm wondering, is there any way to scroll with a touchscreen? Can I swipe through covers?

Great work! Thanks again.

Re: foo_chronflow – Song Title display

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First off I have to say thank you for this plug-in, it's great.  I am having trouble displaying the song title.  When setting the display in preferences the preview looks as though the correct title should be displayed but instead the last song title of the album is always displayed. In this case the song "Man In The Long Black Coat" should be displayed but instead "Lumina" is displayed.   I've attached a screen shot to hopefully make it clearer what the problem is.  I have pressed the "Apply" button and I have "Reloaded" the source.  

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Update on song title issue:  It turns out that it is not always the last song title on the album that is being displayed. It seems as though cover flow is randomly selecting a title from the album. See screenshot.  Any help on resolving this issue is greatly appreciated. 

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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JDPCC, I found this answer to your question in a previous post from Chronial:
There is no solution, only an explanation :). Chronflow works with albums, not songs. It will always pick a random song from the album as input for the title formatting. That the preview displays what you want is just coincidence.

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Thank you DWMartin - That is unfortunate.  Since the code has to look at what is in the play list to grab the album info it would seem  with minor modification it can pass the data that is already available instead of some random track from the album.  What is interesting is that the Preview box on the Display tab displays the correct information, so it is available to the plug-in, it's just not being passed to the Cover Display.  Oh well, it's still a pretty cool plug-in and I'm thankful for it.  Maybe Chronial can add that as a feature in a future version.

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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I have one Good Cover Display Config. It's just default config, but vertical.
There is Code:

function drawCovers(){
   return new Array(-40, 40);

function coverPosition(coverId){
   var coverSpacing = 0.07;
   var x, y, z;
   x = -0.5;
   if (Math.abs(coverId) <= 1){
      var z_logit = -0.04 + 0.55 / (
       1 + Math.pow(Math.E, Math.abs(6.5 * coverId) - 4));
      var z_root = z = 0.5 *
       Math.pow(1 - Math.abs(coverId), 1.1);
      var alpha = 0.3;
      z = 2 + alpha * z_logit + (1 - alpha) * z_root;
      y = coverId * -0.875;
   } else {
      z = 2 - (Math.abs(coverId) - 1) * 0.01
            - Math.pow((Math.abs(coverId) - 1)*0.025, 2);
      y = -0.875 - coverSpacing * (Math.abs(coverId)-1);
      if (coverId < 0)
         y *= -1;
   return new Array(x, y, z);

function coverAlign(coverId){
   return new Array(-1, 0);

function coverRotation(coverId){
   var angle;
   if (Math.abs(coverId) < 1){
      angle = coverId * -60;
   } else {
      if (coverId > 0)
         angle = -60;
         angle = 60;
   return new Array(angle, 1, 0, 0);

function coverSizeLimits(coverId){
   return new Array(1, 1);

function aspectBehaviour(){
   return new Array(0, 1);

function eyePos(){
   return new Array(0, 0, 6);

function lookAt(){
   return new Array(0, 0, 0);

function upVector(){
   return new Array(0, 1, 0);

function showMirrorPlane(){
   return true;

function mirrorPoint(){
   return new Array(0.5, 0, 0);

function mirrorNormal(){
   return new Array(1, 0, 0);


Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Thank you for this great plugin ; I really enjoy it.

I have few suggestions :
- In the Display's preference tab, it could be more convenient to define the font size as a percentage of the panel's height ; like you did with the position.
- The cover to be displayed could be defined using a titleformating string and, if no image is found, fall back to the internal artreader.

A side note: As this plugin is already well advanced in its developpement, I'm wondering why it is labeled 0.5.2 ; do you have a roadmap in mind ?

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