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Listening Tests / Re: Personal Blind Listening Test of the latest codecs at 40kbps, 48kHz
Last post by Kamedo2 -
Can You please comment on how new pair of headphones  has affected your listening tests as your previous  tests were done using Panasonic RP-HT560?   Was it easier, faster or overall experience is pretty the same?  Does K712 have more extended frequency range, lower distortion to your judgement etc?

Thank You.

The fist thing to notice is that K712 plays at noticeably smaller volume.
It covers the entire ear and more comfortable than the RP-HT560.
When it comes to discerning extended frequency range, not much different.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: World-Map-SMP
Last post by regor -
Thanks regor and snotlicker!
The new version of the script looks great!
See picture MC_WorldMap1.jpg

A few points that would be great to consider for the next releases:
1. The country is marked on the map only if English is selected in the Bio. Is it possible for other languages?
2. I think the marker should be smaller. It is better if the type and color of the marker could be changed (for example, the option as in the picture map1.png)
3. Add the ability to display the name of the country (as an option in the picture).
4. Is the country marker not displayed for internet radio tracks?

Other than that, what does this message in the console mean?
World Map - Portable installation: replacing path 'wm_09.JSON filename (for tags)' with '.\profile\js_data\worldMap.json'
1. Bio gives you translated tags when using other languages, so instead of getting United Kingdom you get the translated name for the language set... and I have 0 plans to offer a table of all possible translations of every country name back to a coordinates table. If you want both, English tags and another displayed language, then... first retrieve tags in English mode, write those tags to the files and then change the language to yours. Both bio and this script offers tools to write the tags to the tracks or json. Or have 2 bio panels... one -hidden- in English for tags and another in your language for display. (or ask at the bio thread to add an option to configure separately tag language and displayed language)

2. It could be somewhat configurable on next release. But have in mind the point is clickable, a point too small would not be usable at all for that purpose.

3. The country name is on the tooltip. Also the map shows multiple points at the same time if you select multiple tracks, therefore showing the country name for all tracks selected at the same time would be horrible, cluttering all the map with text. If added, it has to be limited in some way, since it only makes sense when you select one track / follow now playing.

4. The map is using your file tags or data provided by Bio script. If your radio track does not provide a local tag, nope. The script is not retrieving tags from any other thing, so any problem with tracks not showing points... it's not the script fault. Obviously I would not expect a radio track to have a locale tag at all. Even bio integration is just an "addon". I created it to display tags already saved on tracks, it's the user's work to add those tags to their tracks or use bio as a workaround.

About your last question... thats a change added some releases ago, check the change-logs. You are using a portable installation, multiple warnings are given with popups about it when installing the script. If you have absolute paths set at properties, things will break when changing drive letters. So the script warns you about it to use relative paths. Change it to the proposed value or forget about it if you don't care or are using a portable installation on a fixed drive.
General Audio / Re: Good requantizers?
Last post by rutra80 -
Yes I do mean about encoding 16bit PCM to 8bit DPCM, but I thought that it would decode losslessly to 8 bit PCM (that delta is only used for convenience, like L/R vs M/S coding). Now I understand that deltas are 8 bit and we need more than 8 PCM bits to decode it losslessly.

So, to summarize - are there any other interesting ways to requantize 16 PCM bits to 8 PCM bits except simply discarding bits, rounding, or dithering with noise shaping?
There's so many resampling algorithms...
General Audio / Re: Good requantizers?
Last post by kode54 -
Not really. And there's no point to encoding 8 bit PCM to 8 bit DPCM, except to possibly make certain waveforms more compressible with conventional compression algorithms on top of the DPCM transformation.

The site you mentioned above encodes 16 bit PCM to 8 bit DPCM, but the deltas still decode to 16 bit samples.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by regor -
v2.0.2 - Symlink zip decompressing hotfix
This is just a copy of the previous release with replaced symlinks, using duplicated files instead. Some file archivers (like 7zip) don't manage symlinks well and gave errors decompressing the zip... so this fixes it. PeaZip works fine, but since 7zip is pretty popular...

There are no other changes, so if you had no problems using the previous release, can be skipped

## [2.0.2] - 2021-06-20
### Added
### Changed
- Duplicates of main buttons files are now on the root, instead of using symlinks. Some file archivers, like 7zip, did not decompress correctly the releases...
### Removed
### Fixed

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by dwmartin0906 -
I've got a question.  Everything was working great, but then I selected  the option to not show the playlist on startup and started having problems when I stopped.  Sometimes it would crash in georgia-main, sometimes in panel_playist and sometimes it would just show a blank panel.  If I displayed the playlist first before stopping, then it worked fine.  I'm not necessarily asking for a fix because I can certainly live with displaying the playlist on startup and then just clicking on Details.  I just thought I'd let you know.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one to try selecting that option.  Thank you for this great theme.
General Audio / Re: Good requantizers?
Last post by kode54 -
DPCM, and also ADPCM, compress the file to delta values, usually of lower precision than the actual sample size. The decoded output would actually be 16 bits, but the compressed file is either 8 or even 4 bits per sample. Information is sometimes lost in the compression process, due to precision limits or other errors, but it usually only differs on the level of mostly inaudible noise.
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