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Often ask but not understood

Hi everyone,

I would know how to download a mix of music on youtube but without the video, only the audio, because I know the video takes a large size on final file.

I have already youtube-dl, the plugin install in my foobar2000. And it works but file is too large I know there is the video part inside.

Also I would like to know how to download music's mixes on Soundcloud ?

I've searched here and there but it wasn't clear to me on how to do these.


Re: Often ask but not understood

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youtube-dl is not a foobar plugin, but can be used with foobar in 2 ways:
1. within foo_youtube to search and play youtube or soundcloud etc files
2. use youtube-dl directly via foo_run, see here
To get an audio-only file with youtube-dl, you can use the youtube-dl options, see here, -x extracts the audio part.
With option 2 (via foo_run) you can specify youtube-dl options yourself, for option 1 (foo_youtube) I am not aware that this is possible.
Soundcloud tracks can be handeled within youtube-dl the same way like youtube tracks, just use the soundcloud url.

Re: Often ask but not understood

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Thanks but for the video extract I would use the GUI.



Re: Often ask but not understood

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yes I will dig more difficult to understand.

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