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My Google Drive as file location: 'cannot be accessed - not a directory'

I want to add a folder from my Google Drive as a file location in Foobar2000 mobile (Android version), but when I enter the (quite long) link, I just get 'cannot be accessed - not a directory'.

Any help please? I am a bit desperate to do this, as I really want to access my music collection on my phone, and I bought a 128GB micro-USB stick that takes it all, but the physical connection is very poor and is constantly interrupted when I have the drive plugged in, and not only that but foobar2000 seems to have to rescan/re-index the entire drive every time it is mounted (if that is the right word). Thanks in advance!

Edit: I tried with OneDrive as well, but to no avail - I just got the 'not a directory' error this time though.

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