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Validated News / Re: FLAC v1.3.2 Final
Last post by NetRanger -
FLAC v1.3.2-Git-2017-07-19
Built on July 22, 2017, GCC 7.1.0
32 & 64-bit Windows Binaries;a=summary
General - (fb2k) / Re: Recently Added autoplaylist
Last post by jazzthieve -
There is no tag field-specific last modified.
General - (fb2k) / Japanese to Romaji translate
Last post by jellyfishese -
It's really uncomfortable to maintain j-pop collection with japanese track names so is there any plugin that translates japanese symbols to readable romaji? Like this "玻璃の空" -----> "Hari no sora". I'd really appreciate for any help.
The files are not supposed to be ABX'ed, but if someone wants, feel free to do so.
Obviously different - biggest difference is the vastly larger number of tics and pops in the ELP track.
Yes, obviously different. But what's interesting is the conflicting ways that people notice the difference:

  • Arny immediately focussed on the increased impulse noise from the laser turntable. As a well-known critic of vinyl, he appears to be concentrating on what's wrong with the format.
  • OTOH, the difference that I noticed was the improved detail from the laser turntable. As someone who actually quite likes vinyl, I appear to be concentrating on an aspect that isn't something to do with the format's faults.

There's an interesting psychological difference between how we responded to these samples. Could it be that the flaws of vinyl get under Arny's skin in such a way that he can never enjoy it, whereas I can somehow "dial it out"?

Please note that I'm not daft enough to claim that vinyl is an accurate medium. I fully understand how compromised it is. I think it's remarkable how enjoyable it can sound despite its limitations.
Looks great, don't suppose there is any chance for a non-Vista build? 
I have recently added support for Windows XP too.
You can dowload it on


does it work under Windows 10?
>>Leave it with me and I'll report back.

* that copy & renaming workaround has remained good

* as a workaround I can additionally suggest adopting the use of the portable FB2K implementation (no problematic '32' or '64' file) -- FB2K now installed to my portable password media so I don't have to work at any further re-installation and eyeballing configuration settings across again

* have tagged the apparently problematic '32'bit file with HMP as being possibly/probably safe -- apparently the red flag arises from their assessment that it is supplied by an individual and not a 'normal' programme (go figure) -- also some declaration that it encloses a password cited as being 'unsafe' (once again go figure) -- in due course they may resolve -- my inclination is to adopt either of the above workarounds and get on with a life

General - (fb2k) / Recently Added autoplaylist
Last post by ForestD -
I have an autoplaylist set up with a basic 'add to playlist if file was added to library in last x weeks'. What I would love to do is 'add to playlist if file's rating was added/modified in 'last x weeks'. Is this possible at all? I'm not sure it is as when metadata is added isn't tracked as such. Querying by 'last modified' checks everything, including play count, so that doesn't help.
Afair It  was already also discussed (briefly?) around here; there was ongoing research for an optical playback solution due to archiving and restauration needs:

and a relativ new approach seen on youtube:
What is missing is technical info about how this system works onrelatively modern discs in reasonably good condition.

They mention the CBS STR110 test disc,  (correct for STR110 no matter what the link info says)

but they skip the interesting part, where they play it and check out the results!

It seems like this could be commercialized without massive effort. The fact that it hasn't been picked up by any of the deep pockets associaterd with vinyl suggest that there is, in actuality a huge "fly in the ointment".

Afair It  was already also discussed (briefly?) around here; there was ongoing research for an optical playback solution due to archiving and restauration needs:

and a relativ new approach seen on youtube:
Guess it needs to be played wet, oh wait...