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I'm looking at two speakers models while i try to decide which to set up for engineering and playback.  I want a near flat response of course.  One model has a frequency response variance of +-0.75dB and one has a frequency response variance of +-6dB.

Can one make up the difference with DSP and room treatments?  This article: leans towards "no", but that was 5 years ago and things are always advancing in the DSP realm.

What are your current thoughts on this?

Yes, I use Math Audio Room EQ. It'a s freeware for foobar. I use foo_record and VB Cable "driver" to stream all my Windows sound thru foobar.
I'm with studio monitors. They're really one of the best. I though they're amazing... All people think though that...
Today if I stop the DSP, I'm wondering how is that possible:
1. Stereo effect is immediately reduced
2. High become strange
3. Sound is no more crystal clear, I loose details
4. Most instruments sound like a mix... more like a single distorted sound... unclear... instead each string as perfect distinguishable detail.

I don't like the fact I lost so many years with my audiophile friends with passive corrections, when the true is one: only digital correction could be perfect. Of course only EQ without phase correction always makes sound worse.
Start reading at,89818.0.html and the links therein.

UMG owns Decca and DG and EMI ... I have not seen information about watermarking physical CDs, so UMG are doing their very best to rip off their paying customers and encourage 3.14159rates.
Let's see ... how many EMI releases have I bought in any format since they started doing the pesky copy protection some fifteen years ago? I think I got Deep Purple: Bananas, Kraftwerk: Tour de France soundtrack, and Iron Maiden: AMOLD.  IIRC, the latter was a promo, and the others I didn't know were EMI (DP was on Sanctuary in the US). I own some seven thousand physical units (most are full-lengths), but I don't need to buy from Universal.
Scientific Discussion / Windows Audio Calibration
Last post by emo_hp -
Hi All!

I'm new to the forum. I like foobar and all the plugins. But I faced one problem which I cannot solve as a developer.

So in short:
Is there a way to use foobar DSP plugins on Windows audio level like Audio Processing Object (APO) first introduced in WIndows Vista.

My setup:
Foo_record plugin with "record://" link added in the playlist, played with 50ms (minimal latency) and some DSPs added. Installed VB Cable (In/Out virtual audio driver) and it is selected as default windows sound device, foobar is set to use the physical sound card (in my case audio DAC).

All this works great with Mathaudio Room_EQ, my calibration microphones, and sometimes dynamic compressors. But the problem is I got some increasing delay over time (especially after hibernate) where I need to restart playback periodically. Also on my atom tablets the delay is bigger.

I also managed to "copy" calibration to cheap Panasonic Condenser Mics (2-3 EUR) without any additional electronics and the result is quite good, difference is only hard-noticeable when a quality Audio DAC is used (where I believe the problem is that I calibrate a particular Mic to a particular laptop input, which is standard lo-quality sound card).

So the real problem is: as a C# developer I don't know how (and if it deserves the efforts if possible) to create an "foobar" source application directly controlling the plugins and output setting (which is based on C++). But generally even automated, it would be external component, not on APO level almost like "driver". Of course it could be converted to be APO compatible/installable somehow. But generally if something already exists, something like "APO foobar Plugin processor" would be great. There is a ton of useful plugins that can make whole audio to sound really hi-end...

If someone can help me... thanks in advice.
I'm open to questions for non-experienced users who want to know more about audio calibration, setup, mics and so.

EQs are 1, room calibrators - absolutely different story. Most audiophiles don't like EQs. And it's normal - they make linear response but phase is totally out of sync - not like sound but more like a noise with a particular frequency. On other hand additional phase correction (+ resonance canceling as a bonus) always make better sound even on a hi-end system (as no system is absolutely in sync thru the whole response). Removing that "correction" (a bad word for audiophiles) makes the sound ugly, unclear and so... I tested tenths of systems including hi-end ones... almost no exception... only one - it was an auto-correcting car amplifier where nothing can help consistently.

Thanks in advice,
Support - (fb2k) / foobar mobile (Android) - FTP error
Last post by cyko -
my FTP client (WinSCP) throws following Error:
"Unerwartete Zeile in Verzeichnisliste "test.mp3////3965211/0/0/4772/91/3/11/92/1/1/1".
Invalid argument to date encode [4772-91-3]"
Omg that's something I did not know about bevore :o

There are at least some albums from UMG which I bought - I think one of them was the one I checked with AR. I'm gonna do that again for the other releases I bought later to see what it says.

I guess I have to do some research abouth that watermarking. Until now I did not hear anything irritating when listening to the UMG related tracks. But knowing that they actually modify the original audio data makes me think - and maybe also biased :o

Any good discussion or online literature to read about watermarking that you could recommand? I will research for that later on.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by TheQwertiest -
Bug found.
Description: foo_youtube incorrectly parses youtube playlist, when it contains more than 50 items.

Nvm, it's a feature and not a bug...
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by halb27 -
That's what I called the RG peak value mechanism above.
Yeah, I got that. I just thought it wouldn't hurt letting the OP know it.

'course it's entirely down to him/her whether to take heed of it or not. ;)
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by Porcus -
Uh ... nobody mentioned this?

Preferences -> Playback and under ReplayGain Processing, select "apply gain and prevent clipping according to peak".

Sometimes necessary even for lossless.  Not too often, as most music has a negative RG value.
The only thing I wouldn't like is an electric panel that made any bit of an audible hum/buzz.  However that might be indicative of electrical problems that need addressing before the fire department has to be called to put out an electrical fire.

I went to a school where this one circuit panel in the hallway was always buzzing.  They never fixed the damn thing and to my knowledge is probably still doing it to this day.

I have a UPS for my computer by a subwoofer and I have no problems with either device being by each other.  The UPS keeps taking the rumbles just fine and the subwoofer isn't distorted at all.  My problem is limited under the desk space.

You've got two cases here where the electrical maelstrom inside the box (switchmode amp and UPS) dwarfs anything that might be induced at even a relatively short distance from an electrical panel in a heavy metal (usually ferrous) box.