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Re: foo_onewaysync

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What does error 3 mean? I cannot find any error code references in the wiki.

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One way sync failed: Could not copy file to WPD device. source: "D:\Music Library\Sophie - Nothing More to Say + EEEHHH (2013)\03 - Sophie - Nothing More to Say (Vox).mp3", destination: "\Pixel 4\Internal shared storage\Music\Sophie - Nothing More to Say - EEEHHH (2013)\01 - Nothing More to Say (Vox).mp3", error 3

Code: [Select]
One way sync failed: Could not copy file to WPD device. source: "D:\Music Library\KOAN Sound - Funk Blaster (2011)\02 - KOAN Sound - Meanwhile, In The Future.mp3", destination: "\Pixel 4\Internal shared storage\Music\KOAN Sound - Funk Blaster (2011)\04 - Meanwhile, In The Future.mp3", error 3

Re: foo_onewaysync

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@thathobo can you check if it works with the attached version. It has to be installed manually, just replace the existing component dll in the foobar folder with the attached one.

For me neither version works. The first task ends (temp files removed according to the console), and as soon as the second one starts (first song from the second task about to be copied) I get the same error with both dll's ("official" one and the one attached to your comment).

Nothing else is mentioned in the console (additional debug info is enabled).

Re: foo_onewaysync

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So I'm desperately trying to get away from iTunes for syncing music to my phone; I currently sync about 150GB of files (4700 approx right now), from a collection of a little over 30K files costing 2TB.  I convert to ALAC/M4A then have to muck about with iTunes to get them on my phone.  Its a bit of a PITA!  I'd like to move to using FB2K on mobile, but the only way to bypass iTunes there is to use fb2k mobile's built in FTP server.  I've not been able to figure out a way to integrate that as a destination device/folder in OWS; the closest I got was mapping the folder to a windows drive letter, but OWS raised IO errors when trying to write to it, and I can conceive of several reasons why.  Love your tool, I've depended on it for the last 4-5 years or so, and I'm just curious if you have any intent to support FTP as a destination?  You use sqllite as a mechanism instead of file timestamps for synchronizing, and that would be needed in this scenario, as the fb2k mobile FTP server doesn't support the commands to update timestamps on files, so files on that server have totally different timestamps as compared to the sources, and scanning content for differences (in my case) would take hours for certain.  Thanks for your time!


Re: foo_onewaysync

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I've encountered a problem with file names. If there is any whitespace in the file or directory name right before a dot, it would be copied without that space. If there are several dots, there will be "_" symbols replacing some of the dots. That renaming happens regardless of how I get the text, from %filename% or %title%.
For example:
2007 ''Auļos...''/01. Ievads - bites un bungas.mp3 -> 2007 ''Auļos__.''/01. Ievads - bites un bungas.mp3
2005 ''Sounds of Pain...''/04. Sounds of Pain....flac -> 2005 ''Sounds of Pain__.''/04. Sounds of Pain__..flac
1997 ''Sol Niger Within''/22. Magickal Theatre .33.flac -> 22. Magickal Theatre.33.flac

File names are important for me, because I export my own playlists from foobar that use all my library, and these songs are missing when playing the playlists on phone because of wrong file names.

What can I do to prevent renaming files like that when I use OneWaySync?

My titleformatting script:

Sorry for English.

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