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News Submissions / AudioWorks 1.0.0-beta1 is now available
Last post by Jebus -
AudioWorks is an open-source, cross-platform, multi-format audio conversion and tagging module for PowerShell. Download information is here.

This is my replacement for PowerShell Audio, which I released a few years back. It now works on Windows, MacOS and Linux, runs faster, and has countless other little improvements.

Formats currently supported:
  • FLAC
  • Apple AAC
  • Apple Lossless
  • Lame MP3
  • Ogg Vorbis
(Opus is top of my features list)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: m-TAGS component (foo_tags)
Last post by sjy -
Is foo_tags the only software that supports m-TAGS? (Also, can we just call them mtags?)

I'm happy with foobar2000 as my main player and tag editor, mtags as the metadata storage format, and using my own scripts to generate lossy files with embedded metadata based on the mtags for mobile devices. But some of these scripts are becoming quite complex, and I am wondering if I am reinventing the wheel.

I've added my mtags library to a git repository and I can see that some other people have put theirs on GitHub, which is neat. I've also seen this mtags sync script and somebody has requested that mtags support be implemented in DeaDBeeF. But that seems to be about it.

Some of the problems that mtags can solve can also be solved by using beets in read-only mode, where tag metadata is stored in beets' database. I am thinking about trying to add mtags support to beets, because it would be nice to be able to use beets' querying and auto-tagging features. But mtags' killer feature for me is its integration with foobar2000 – I'd have to come up with another way to get my metadata to appear in foobar2000 if I migrated to beets.

Alternatively, maybe I should look at developing an alternative to foo_tags that integrates with beets. I don't think the source to foo_tags is available and it would be a shame if Luigi stopped distributing it in the future. An alternative free software implementation might be good to have as a backup plan.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: playlists (I mean bug)
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

I can offer no help, but interestingly it does the same thing when saving M3U playlist files from an m-TAGS source, which is similar in that one file (.tags) pointing to multiple tracks with a subsong index. The M3U ends up just repeating the same file over and over, making it a bit useless.

(Perhaps however this is a separate issue with m-TAGs component compatibility)
General Audio / Re: MQA (at least on Tidal Masters) sounds "muddy" to me. Am I nuts?
Last post by includemeout -
As an addendum, does anybody remember the promo piece of Neil Young demonstrating pono by carting around other washed up artists looking to resell their catalog in his convertible?  I can’t find a better environment to hear the subtle nuances that make music come alive.
 Not to mention most, if not all of them, having their ageing auditory systems plagued by tinnitus didn't exactly qualify them to be as "golden earred" as they wanted whoever was dumb enought to fall for that crap to believe.
General Audio / Re: MQA (at least on Tidal Masters) sounds "muddy" to me. Am I nuts?
Last post by greynol -
But these fossils are believed since they have long and successful careers in the industry. Of course being a fossil guarantees a loss of the ability to hear high frequencies, those frequencies being the cornerstone of the technology. There’s also the attempt to fix an unknown problem, and surely other things I’ve missed.
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