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Topic: another "window-resize-related" bug in 58c (Read 2011 times) previous topic - next topic
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another "window-resize-related" bug in 58c

1. open foobar
2. maximize it
3. double click on a file in windows explorer which opens with foobar
4. window gets resized

i think it should stay maximized.

edit: i don't know if it still happens when you changed settings like "bring to front when opening from command line" . i just reinstalled foobar and i'm using a fresh and unedited cfg file. so it should be reproduceable with the standard cfg file.

edit2: only happens when you've checked the "bring to front when opening from command line" box. i don't know if it was intended then but i think it makes no sense

another "window-resize-related" bug in 58c

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fixed in 0.586


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