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Topic: MODs play 2x speed, 2x pitch @ 96kHz. Foobar v0.58 (Read 2460 times) previous topic - next topic
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MODs play 2x speed, 2x pitch @ 96kHz. Foobar v0.58

Foobar2000 v0.58, DirectSound, Terratec EWX24/96 build 126, Windows XP Pro SP1.

The file I played was a zipped .XM file, which can be found here: --> Falcon - French Head Rivet

I had Foobar's module decoder set up to output at 96kHz, FIR interpolation, no looping, noise reduction, or other enhancements.  Foobar's Post-processing is set up for Dithered 24bit fixed-point, with enabled DSP of Volume Control only.

DirectSound output is permitted to use hardware mixing even though it uses software.

Song plays completely through at twice the pitch over half its specified length (3:12/6:23) and stops normally at the end.  The EWX mixer also claims to be operating at 96kHz clock.

This file plays at the correct speed and pitch when set for 48kHz or lower.  Anything higher than 48kHz in the module decoder results in varying degrees of higher pitch and faster playback depending on the sampling rate.
Code: [Select]
INFO (CORE) : opening file for playback : unpack_zip://|98|file://H:\My Music\OGGs\Tokyo Dawn Records\TDR00TEMP\opensource\|FRENCH_H.XM
INFO (foo_output_std) : attempting to create DirectSound buffer : 96000hz 24bps 2ch fixed-point
INFO (foo_output_std) : DirectSound initialized successfully, using software mixing

This problem does not occur when playing other file types (MP3, OGG, etc.) and using the Resampler DSP to upsample to 96kHz, nor does it occur when playing a module at 48kHz and using the DSP to upsample to 96kHz, so it appears to be something in the module decoder itself.


MODs play 2x speed, 2x pitch @ 96kHz. Foobar v0.58

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I played back the .xm file.  Confirmed.  Speed/pitch problem exists at 64, 88, and 96 kHz playback using DirectSound, waveOut, and Kernel Streaming(of course, my Audigy1 can't do 96kHz ASIO).  Bit-depth makes no difference.  Affects .umx files, too (Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, etc.).  This is true when I use foobar2000's built-in foo_mod.dll and with kode54's foo_mod.dll.  I'm using Win2kProSP3.

Edit:  Now that I think about it, the original ModPlug player only supported up to 48kHz.
          I don't know if any of this is true for previous foobar2000 versions.

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