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Help with remote control

I'm having a a big problem with my usb connected ir-remote. I have tried several software (like WinLirc and AutoHotkey) the manual says that it is compatible with foobar2k but I suspect that it's designed for foobar 0.8... It works perfectly with winamp but it just don't work with foobar. 
Believe me it's not as simple as "assigning" a hotkey, I think the remotec software communicates directly with the software┬┤s
The remote is Remotec BW6130
Any solutions?
Any help would be appreciated
I just like listening to music

Help with remote control

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have you tried Girder ? I'm using it to control foobar and every multimedia app, even my webbrowser with my Ati Remote Wonder. Using appropriate plugins, you can make it work with any remote control.

I had a similar problem with the Ati soft bundled with the Remote Wonder, there were templates for Winamp, WMP, but not for foobar2000. So I use Girder to send virtual keyboard strokes corresponding to the hotkeys I've set in foobar.
However, Girder is not free. My last attempt to find a free soft providing the same configurability failed, if you try one please tell it here.

Maybe the foo_lirc component could fit your needs, I never tried it.
foo_lirc thread

Hope it helps.

Help with remote control

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Thanks for your reply
I have tried girder, I downloaded the demo version but it could not detect any commands I did with my remote.
I have not tried foo_lirc, will test it later..hope it works
I just like listening to music

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