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Foobar2k Settings

Are these the right settings for foobar because all i need to do is convert to wav from mp3..

Foobar2k Settings

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Wouldn't it be easier to encode to MP3 from foobar directly? The commandline encoder will do the trick. Also, I'd disable 'use replaygain' there and use mp3gain on the resulting files.

Foobar2k Settings

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Wouldn't it be easier to encode to MP3 from foobar directly?

Seems to me that Novus wants to decode MP3 > WAV, not encode.

For decoding, those setting would be fine..
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Foobar2k Settings

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what about now..sorry guys, im new to this program and just trying to get the best results

Foobar2k Settings

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Your settings will convert any file to a WAV file.

If you are trying to burn a CD, it is easier to use the foobar CD burner.

Also a general tip: holding the Alt key while pressing Prt Scr will capture only the current window, rather than the whole screen.

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