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Topic: Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) not importing info from tags (Read 346 times) previous topic - next topic
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Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) not importing info from tags

Playback Statistics is vexing me. Could I get some troubleshooting advice?

I'm trying to adjust the ADDED_TIMESTAMP. Here's what I do.
  • Playback Statistics -> Write statistics to file tags
  • Track Properties, paste in new value acquired from another MP3 file with the right date (in this case, 130214160000000000), click OK
  • Playback Statistics -> Import statistics from file tags
Unfortunately, the track properties don't change at all. If I export statistics to tags again, it shows the old value.

foo_playcount is version 3.04 and foobar2000 is 1.6.2.

How can I troubleshoot this? Also, what is the timestamp format? For example, how do I interpret something like 131352329113478491 as a datetime?

Re: Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) not importing info from tags

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They're Windows FILETIME, which is 100ns units since January 1, 1601, UTC.

Re: Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) not importing info from tags

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Hi there,

For the ADDED_TIMESTAMP field (and possibly others), it only allows you to Import Statistics with a time older than the current one in the database. However the right-click > PS > Copy / Paste Statistics options are not effected by that. So to get around this limitation -

  • On the target track(s) you want to change, right-click > PS > Write Statistics To Tags (to backup PLAY_COUNT, etc).
  • Find a track in your library with close to the current date (or preferably add a new one so it only has the ADDED field), right-click > PS > Copy Statistics.
  • On you target track(s), right-click > PS > Paste Statistics. Fields will be replaced in the database, so ADDED will be newer.
  • On you target track(s), right-click > Properties, edit the ADDED_TIMESTAMP field to your desired time. You can create the LDAP FILETIME using this timestamp converter site.
  • On you target track(s), right-click > PS > Import Statistics From Tags. At least the original PLAY_COUNT field will be restored, and possibly other timestamp fields...

If I recall, you might only be able to do 1:1 copies - that is, if you Copy Statistics for only 1 track, you can only Paste 1 track.

(I should preface this entire post with "If I recall correctly" because it has been awhile since I did this last :D - it really is not worth the time, hahah)



Re: Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) not importing info from tags

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Thank you both, that solved the problem!

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