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Title: Foobar changing it size of its window.
Post by: Wolfbane on 2021-05-17 05:36:20
Seems there is some bug, with FooBar, and the size of the program changes. Because I changed windows resolution and "scale".

I use FooBar to stream, and I do capture windows, so I want my FooBar to stay at the same size always.
I streamed and after my stream, changed resolution & scale, and closed Foobar, (not sure in what order).
But next time I opened up FooBar the size of the window was twice as large.
And there is no way to get it back to the exact same size, so I have to redo OBS captures, and change filter settings.
Long story short... Hope someone looks into this, so even if I fix my layout, would be nice if the fooBar window does not change it size, just because windows 10 resolution and scale changed temporarily. (it did not change back when I turned down the scale)

the smallest Scale one can have is 100%.
So lets say I had foobar active, had scale at 100%,
changed scale to 125% then close foobar.
And next time I opened up foobar when my setting is at 100%, it only remember the "size" of when I closed the program.
And that would be a Foobar at 25% extra size.

I stream in 1920x1080 so I have my main monitor on that size when I stream.
And offstream I change my desktop to 3440x1440 and 125% Scale ( https://prnt.sc/130ubjv )

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