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Title: VirtualDub 1.7 released
Post by: darius1 on 2006-11-07 19:40:49
VirtualDub 1.7.0 experimental is released. Changes:

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Build 25854 (1.7.0, experimental): [November 5, 2006]
   [features added]
   * New "smart rendering" feature for selective processing of video around
     edit areas while copying as many existing frames as possible.
   * New audio waveform/spectrogram display.
   * Added option for preserving empty frames during recompression or
     decompression instead of replicating frames.
   * Added option for saving raw audio stream without a header.
   * Added support for the Sony WAVE64 file format, for wave files larger than
   * Added support for reading and writing Adobe Filmstrip (.flm) files.
   * Added support for reading Maya IFF (.iff) files. Currently this is
     limited to RGB information at 8 bits/channel.
   * PNG output is now supported.
   * Resize video filter now has options for relative and aspect-ratio derived
     sizing and to save defaults.
   * Opening a video file from the command-line or drag-and-drop now sets the
     filename as default for the Save As AVI/WAV dialogs.
   * Added new pitch scaling audio filter.
   * Improved quality of "center cut" audio filter (with suggestions from
   * The main window and job control dialogs now save their positions.
   * Opacity curves can now be attached to video filter instances.
   * Volume adjustment now shows amplification factor in decibels.
   * Filter API: Preview code preserves keyboard accelerators on preview
   * Job control: (X of Y) is now displayed in the job control window caption
     when the job list is being processed.
   * AVI Info now shows additional information for PCM audio streams encoded
   * Capture: Added experimental option to insert arbitrary DirectShow
     transform filters into a capture graph. To enable, specify the filter
     moniker in [HKCU\Software\Freeware\VirtualDub\Hidden Features\CapDShow:
     Transform filter name] in the Registry.
   * Capture: Added full-screen toggle (Alt+Enter).
   * Capture: Added support for switching DirectShow TV tuners between
     antenna and cable modes.

   [features removed]
   * The "integral conversion" option under audio conversion is no longer

   [bugs fixed]
   * Fixed a case where the projected file size status indicator could overflow
     for very long audio dumps.
   * AVIs with MP3 audio streams where wBitsPerSample != 0 are now detected and
     auto-corrected for better compatibility with the standard MP3 codec
     installed in Windows.
   * Rewrote segmentation code to buffer data instead of attempting size
     prediction; this makes the segmentation more accurate and avoids dangling
     key frames during on-the-fly compression.
   * Added workaround for compatibility problems with Aero Glass in Windows
     Vista beta 2.
   * Audio displacement now works when processing only part of the audio
   * Added warning for non-zero dwStart values in AVI files.
   * Fixed a performance problem in the PNG decoder on large images with a lot
     of IHDR blocks.
   * Fixed errors in JPEG encoding with pure red or blue colors.
   * Changed keyboard shortcut for Undo from Ctrl+U to the standard Ctrl+Z.
   * Added workaround for annoying Microsoft security update that sometimes
     prevents the help file from working.
   * Fixed clamping in amplifier that caused -0x8000 values to change to
   * Capture: Duplicate raw wave formats are no longer shown with DirectShow-
     based drivers.
   * Capture: The UI now reflects changes to audio and video sources made
     through the driver dialogs.
   * Capture: Possible fix for crash when changing formats with DirectShow-
     based devices due to threading issue.