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I've uploaded a new version:

I'd appreciate it if you guys could try it and let me know if the drop-down bug is still there.  I changed a few things, but since I don't know why its happening (on just Win2000 SP3?), I don't really know how to fix it.  Give it a try, though. 

That file contains both the ANSI and the UNICODE versions.  I think the ANSI version is working for Windows 98/ME now, but I'm not certain.  I know it's apparently having some problems with extended characters (e.g. ü,Ü) on Windows 98.  I'm looking into fixing that.

If you're wondering why it suddenly got bigger, it's because I statically linked to the C runtimes, because Windows 98 (and ME?) doesn't come with msvcr70.dll.  The other option is to bundle it, but I think it's probably simpler just to statically link, so it doesn't need the DLL.  As for why the ANSI version is so much larger (more than double size, actually), ask Microsoft.  :\  I don't really need to link statically in the UNICODE version, but since it doesn't seem to affect the size very much, I don't really see a reason not to.


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Yup, the drop down menu is working now, congratulations ! but it displays 10 items instead of 11, so you have to scroll to see "track number". It doesn't bother me at all, but I think there should be 11.

and I was wondering : what's the difference between Standard and Thrifty (btw I think you misspelt it in the preferences) search ? also I guess the formatted search should enable you to use your own search string but I can't figure out how it works...

that's all, keep up the good work 


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Well, I found a place to stretch out the drop-down menu size.  It shouldn't actually affect anything, because the "No Integral Height" (which tells windows not to resize the drop-down list) style isn't enabled, but apparently Windows 2000 (and possibly just SP3) doesn't like that.  I'll stretch it out a bit more when I release the next version, and maybe that'll fix it completely. 

From the changelog (it'll be included in the final release):
Added:   New search logic.  There are now 3 search options: standard, thrifty,
  and preformatted.
  Standard is the fastest.  It also uses more memory.
  Thrify saves memory at the expense of speed.
  Preformatted uses the same amount of memory as thrifty, but improves
  speed by only comparing the preformatted display names.
  i.e. if your display string is %artist% - %title%, preformatted search
  will only search in that exact string.
  Note, though that the "search in" box is useless (and in fact disabled)
  when preformatted search is selected.

Standard keeps all database info in memory for faster searches.  This avoids all database communication.
Thrifty keeps only a list of the files in memory.  This avoids some database communication.
Preformatted search uses the display string.  This also avoids all database communication, but it's far more limited.

Of course, no matter which mode you're in, there'll be communication with the database when you load the search screen for the first time, and whenever you add/delete/move/modify a file entry in the database.

There are some bugs in alpha 3, though. (search filename with thrifty search and you probably won't get any results)

P.S.  Yes, I misspelled "thrifty".  I'll get it fixed before 0.5 final is released.    You should see some of the variable names.  When I first added "preformatted", I spelled it "prefomatted".  I've got it in so many places that I'm not even bothering to try to fix it.  Today I added some new "prefomatted" handling code. 


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Hey, looking VERY good. The drop-down list works now, but as BlueScreenJunky said, you have to scroll down to the "Track Number", but if you're correcting this, no problem then
I've found that thrifty search is actually faster than standard, for me at least, and that's a great thing if it uses less memory  Nice work here! Could you maybe add same kind of display and sorting formatting strings as foosion's one has?


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Short version:

You broke it. No, this would mean it was working before.  (No offense intended.)

Now comes the long version:
I just tried out the new ANSI version on Win98, and really tested it instead of just typing in some umlauts, which I feared would be broken. When I typed "fire" in the "Search for" box, the following number of results where found (after each character typed): 0 - 10 - 2 - 2.  I cleared the input and typed it in again: 0 - 2 - 2 - 2. This is also the result of all further tries. Different settings did not affect the outcome.
Then I tried out version 0.4 again. The result was the same.

Just for comparison: Doing the same with foo_dbsearch gave me: 216 - 10 - 2 - 2.

Fixing this isn't urgent (for me), as I'm quite content with foo_dbsearch. Perhaps it's also some secret "feature", because 216=6*6*6 

Oh yeah, and no drop-down bug here either.


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That's rather bizarre that it's faster on thrifty search, but I guess that's good for you.  On my system, I find that it's just a tiny bit slower than standard search.  Right now, I'm using thrifty search.  Standard search isn't really worth the extra 2 megs of memory.

My settings:
display format: %artist% - ['['[%album% ] [#[%disc%/]$num(%tracknumber%,2)]']'] %title%
"search all"
display empty results list when search string is empty is OFF
auto-update results is OFF
default search: artist
search filename when searching all is ON
play on send to playlist is ON
thrifty search

Of course, I completely stole that formatting string from fooshion's plugin. 

I'll be uploading 0.5 final momentarily. 


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change log:
Fixed:   a search bug.
Fixed:   Searching for arbitrary meta-data now works properly.
  i.e. searching in "snorf" is now as valid as searching in "title".
Fixed:   Changing the config string now works.  Close the config window or click
  on a different component's config to apply.
Added:   close on escape
Added:   add to playlist on double-click
Added:   play on "send to playlist"
Added:   search string tokenization ("any word", instead of "exact match")
Added:   better cleanup on exit
Added:   New search logic.  There are now 3 search options: standard, thrify,
  and preformatted.
  Standard is the fastest.  It also uses more memory.
  Thrify saves memory at the expense of speed.
  Preformatted uses the same amount of memory as thrifty, but improves
  speed by only comparing the preformatted display names.
  i.e. if your display string is %artist% - %title%, preformatted search
  will only search in that exact string.
  Note, though, that the "search in" box is useless (and in fact
  disabled) when preformatted search is selected.
Added:   bug in preferences
Fixed:   same bug in preferences
Added:   Database callback; changes to the database after the search
  window is first displayed are now reflected in the search.
  i.e. deleting/modifying/adding songs' meta-data will now affect
  the search results (after you search again, of course)
Fixed:   ANSI version now runs under Windows 98/ME (maybe) (many thanks to fooshion)
Added:   search string tokenization: "all words"
Added:   config option for tokenization
Added:   "Auto-update search results" toggle
Added:   "add to playlist on enter" when the results list has the focus
  (thanks fooshion)
Added:   "refresh on enter" when anything other than the results list has
  the focus (thanks fooshion)
Fixed:   "exact match" bug
Fixed:   a couple of filename search bugs
Fixed:   "Thrify Search" is now "Thrifty Search" (thanks BlueScreenJunky)
Fixed:   drop-down menu bug (thanks anza and BlueScreenJunky)
Added:   Search screen titlebar now includes type of search i.e. standard,
  thrifty, preformatted
  Now named "Meta Search" to avoid confusion with foosion's plugin:
  "Database Search"
Added:   "search in" tokenization.  i.e. if "artist album" is entered in the
  "search in" combo-box and "foo" is entered in the "search for" edit
  box, Meta Search will find all songs with "foo" in the artist field
  or the album field.
Fixed:   The "search in" combobox is no longer highlighted when the search
  window loads.  Finally.
ansi link removed

I'm not sure if that ANSI version will work on Windows 98 or not, but you can give it a try. 

It's now named Meta Search.

anza, I'm not sure if I'm going to be adding separate search/display/sort strings or not.  It would take a bit of memory, because one of the things my app does is keep all the strings ready to display.  It saves a lot of processing time, at the expense of some memory.  I don't know if I want to keep all those search strings in memory.

I honestly don't understand how fooshions plugin is as fast as it is, since it doesn't keep those strings in memory.    Mine is faster on preformatted mode than his, for sure, but his is remarkably fast, considering all the processing it's doing.


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I'm not sure if that ANSI version will work on Windows 98 or not, but you can give it a try. 

Hm, nice config window, but the quirks mentioned above still persist... talk about strange behaviour.


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Darn.  I don't understand why it's breaking.  I obviously don't expect the ANSI version to work for Japanese characters, but I expect it to work for stardard characters. 

edit: I might try adding some code into the ansi version to record data, and see exactly what it's doing.  I don't know if it's getting the information in the wrong format from the edit box (extremely unlikely) or if it's somewhere in the conversion to the standard char from utf8 used during database communication.


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Could you make custom keys work so that fx. this search would work?


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I'll look into that.  It should be working already.

edit:  I can't reproduce that bug.  It works correctly on my system.

Obviously that's a contrived example, because I added the meta-data just so I could search for it, but it does work on my system.  I can assume that you are using Windows 2000/XP, right?


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If you search for all (with search for filenames turned off), does it show up then?  Have you tried any other meta-data searches?  i.e. producer?  ("sound engineer" will definitely not work.  The plugin now breaks keys into tokens, so you can search in "artist album" and it will search for the search string in both.

P.S.  I noticed that you are using an early version of Foobar 0.6.  Is it possible that the database is a little borked?  I hate to insinuate that it's Peter's fault, but it works peachy keen on my system.


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Ok now with the official release the thrifty search is noticably slower, but it doesn't matter.
And for me, the custom keys don't work either.


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Damn.  I don't know custom keys aren't working for you guys.

The thrifty search was probably faster because it had bugs.    It was skippin some stuff in the last alpha.


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Ok now I can't understand this anymore! The plugin just broke down. It wont display any results anymore. It only says "0 found". If I use preformatted search, then it works, but otherwise it don't.


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Hmm.  Can you tell me what you did before it broke?  I'd like to get these bugs fixed.


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The only thing I did was that I changed some of the options. Now after I installed the plugin again, it works well. Can't understand what happened.

EDIT: Ok, now I got it broken again  I disabled the "Auto-update search results" and it don't work anymore. Even if I enable it again it wont work. Hope this helps you hunt the bug

MORE INFO: The plugin brokes when disabling the auto-update, and if I want it to work again, I have to enable it and then restart foobar again. BUT, if I disable it and restart foobar, it still won't work. So it has something to do with the auto-updating.


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Well, you should never have to reinstall the plugin.  (In fact, if you delete the plugin, and copy it in again, absolutely nothing is changed.  foobar2000 actually stores the configs, so they the same.)  Restarting foobar should fix the plugin.

I'm going to look at some options and see if I can duplicate the bug.


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Ok, but the restarting got it to work. I got just still more info. It seems that whatever I search, and whatever options I have, when I press ENTER, it brokes down!

I mean I have to press the enter on the search-box.


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Damn.  There's definitely a bug in there somewhere.  I just crashed foobar.

edit: This is really frustrating.  I don't know how I crashed foobar.  I can't duplicate that bug, and I cant duplicate the bugs you guys are having.


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A crash here, too. Actually a few of them. Occur when searching, nothing special, they're just random crashed, I think. Of course I mean that there is a bug somewhere, but it doesn't seem like that it occurs everytime I do something specific.


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Well, the only crash I caused was when I was playing with the preferences.  I wasn't searching.  I haven't a clue what I did to make it crash, though.

Just out of curiosity, did you modify/delete/add any meta-data to any files before any of these crashes.  I wouldn't expect that the bug was there, but it's the least tested part of the plugin.


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Two more questions.
Did you have the search window open while you were modifying preferences? (and caused a crash)
Have you caused a crash without modifying the preferences first?


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Actually I didn't at first edit any meta-data, BUT after you said that, I added a comment line to one of my songs (having the search-window still open) and then I searched for the artist. And there it was. A crash.

EDIT: Actually I think I have had the search-window open nearly always I have changed some settings, so yes, it was open

PS. Now I have to go to sleep :/ I'll get in business later


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Ok, I've made a couple of changes.  It now clears the search window every time the preferences are changed.  That might fix some of the bugs.  (It definitely eliminates some possible bugs.)

I'm still looking to see if there's anything I'm not seeing.

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