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Third-party plugins

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Updated foo_dbsearch to version 0.2:
- refreshing the result list is now faster
- made search window resizable

Third-party plugins

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Component name - Database Search (foo_shizzle) version 0.4

Yes, "foo_shizzle".  I am that lame. 

Component type (appropriate section) - General

Which foobar2000 version the component works with - Has only been confirmed on v0.586

Author name and e-mail address (and tell me if you want your e-mail address to be published) - Derek Park (email removed)

Description of the component - Adds database search capabilities to foobar.  Allows searching for any standard meta-value (e.g. artist, author, track) as well as "all" and "filename", with an additional option to include "filename" during "search all" queries.

Compile date - 29.Mar.2003

Download link - (UNICODE version)

Author website link -

Screenshot link or send me screenshot -
foo_shizzle screenshot

known issues:
-Changing the "display format string" does not take effect without fully restarting foobar.
New songs added to the database after the search window has first been displayed will not be recognized by the plugin -until foobar is restarted.
-Tokenization of input disabled. i.e. The plugin searches for exact matches, rather than "all words".
-Arbitrary meta-data searches do not work.  i.e. You can choose to search only the titles of songs, but you can't choose to search lyrics, even if the information is in the database.
-Memory use is fairly high.  It gobbles about 3 megs on my system.  This is part of the expected behavior, but there will also eventually (in 0.5?) be a "thrifty" mode which will spare most of that memory at the expense of a little bit of the performance.  (sidenote: The ANSI version uses less memory, due to internal data representation, but extended characters may or may not work. i.e. German seems to work.  Japanese is pretty much guaranteed to break.)

-Fix all the known issues.
-Add more config options.
-Change search behavior to improve speed.  (There's a bit left to squeeze out)
-Get some people to test on Windows 98/ME.  I have not tested on that platform, because I have no way to.  I think that the ANSI version should work, though.

I'm interested in any suggestions or comments, and of course, bug reports. PM them to me or start another thread for that.  I don't think they belong here.

edit: removed email address.  sick o' spam

Third-party plugins

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Updated foo_dbsearch to version 0.3.

- naming scheme of download links (see below)
- display and sorting input fields now accept longer strings

- tokenization of query string

The query is split into tokens (words). Tokens are seperated by spaces. The exception is if a token starts with " everything up to the next unescaped " or the end of the string is interpreted as a single (like string literals in C, ...).
Prefixing a character with \ (backslash) "escapes" it, i.e. no special meaning is applied to it, and it is added to the current token.
The result list shows only entries that contain _all_ tokens in their search string.

Download: unicode version, ansi version, and source code

Third-party plugins

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It has come to my attention that the ANSI version will in fact not run on Windows 98.  I'll try to get it fixed soon, but in the meantime, can the link be removed?  Thanks. 

Third-party plugins

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It has come to my attention that the ANSI version will in fact not run on Windows 98.  I'll try to get it fixed soon, but in the meantime, can the link be removed?  Thanks. 

You should be able to edit your own post.

Third-party plugins

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I'm not really worried about that.    (Although I probably should remove it from the posts, too.)

I want to get the link removed from the 3rd-party plugin site. 

P.S.  Many thanks to Jan S. (I assume) for being quick about adding my plugin to the site.

Third-party plugins

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New version 0.5.  Now named "Meta Search" to avoid confusion with fooshion's plugin.

change log:
Fixed:   a search bug.
Fixed:   Searching for arbitrary meta-data now works properly.
  i.e. searching in "snorf" is now as valid as searching in "title".
Fixed:   Changing the config string now works.  Close the config window or click
  on a different component's config to apply.
Added:   close on escape
Added:   add to playlist on double-click
Added:   play on "send to playlist"
Added:   search string tokenization ("any word", instead of "exact match")
Added:   better cleanup on exit
Added:   New search logic.  There are now 3 search options: standard, thrify,
  and preformatted.
  Standard is the fastest.  It also uses more memory.
  Thrify saves memory at the expense of speed.
  Preformatted uses the same amount of memory as thrifty, but improves
  speed by only comparing the preformatted display names.
  i.e. if your display string is %artist% - %title%, preformatted search
  will only search in that exact string.
  Note, though, that the "search in" box is useless (and in fact
  disabled) when preformatted search is selected.
Added:   bug in preferences
Fixed:   same bug in preferences
Added:   Database callback; changes to the database after the search
  window is first displayed are now reflected in the search.
  i.e. deleting/modifying/adding songs' meta-data will now affect
  the search results (after you search again, of course)
Fixed:   ANSI version now runs under Windows 98/ME (maybe) (many thanks to fooshion)
Added:   search string tokenization: "all words"
Added:   config option for tokenization
Added:   "Auto-update search results" toggle
Added:   "add to playlist on enter" when the results list has the focus
  (thanks fooshion)
Added:   "refresh on enter" when anything other than the results list has
  the focus (thanks fooshion)
Fixed:   "exact match" bug
Fixed:   a couple of filename search bugs
Fixed:   "Thrify Search" is now "Thrifty Search" (thanks BlueScreenJunky)
Fixed:   drop-down menu bug (thanks anza and BlueScreenJunky)
Added:   Search screen titlebar now includes type of search i.e. standard,
  thrifty, preformatted
  Now named "Meta Search" to avoid confusion with foosion's plugin:
  "Database Search"
Added:   "search in" tokenization.  i.e. if "artist album" is entered in the
  "search in" combo-box and "foo" is entered in the "search for" edit
  box, Meta Search will find all songs with "foo" in the artist field
  or the album field.
Fixed:   The "search in" combobox is no longer highlighted when the search
  window loads.  Finally.

(note: Changed the link)

I'm waiting for confirmation whether this latest version works in Windows 98/ME before I post a link to the ANSI version.

P.S. New description: Adds database search capabilities to foobar2000. Allows searching for in any arbitrary meta-value, i.e. any data which may be stored in the database, as well as "all" and "filename", with an additional option to include "filename" during "search all" queries.  Configurable search and display options.

Third-party plugins

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Hotfix 0.5a

I hope that fixed all the bugs.  Jan S.  If you try it again, could you let me know if it works?

P.S.  I uploaded a "new " 0.5a hotfix.  The other 0.5a copy still has a debug note in it, so any time you modify, move, or delete an entry, it will pop up a messagebox with the word "Match" in it. 

Third-party plugins

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Recompiled foo_shn, also some internal changes, mostly cleaned up code and added error/warning output to console.
Not really a new version, but works with version 0.6.
Download link: (contains ansi and unicode versions)
Note: ansi/unicode versions are needed because there is a _text_ input field in the configuration, I'll try to combine both versions later.

Updated foo_dbsearch for version 0.6.
Download link: (contains ansi and unicode versions), (source code)

Third-party plugins

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Curi0us_George & foosion, shouldn't you guys join forces? Instead of creating the same plugins?


Third-party plugins

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It's been suggested.  They meet different goals, really.  fooshion's plugin is extremely lightweight, but you pay for that with the slower searching speed.  My plugin is more heavyweight, but (on my system at least) significantly faster.

It's a judgement call.  You can use the faster-loading, slower-searching plugin, or the faster-searching, slower-loading plugin.

note:  As of, foo_shizzle's memory requirements, even on standard search mode, don't really matter, because the memory is deallocated when the search window is closed.  (It used to remain allocated until program close to speed up subsequent search window loads, but the new SDK made that design much more complicated.)

Third-party plugins

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Jan, by mistake you put my nick and website url in "database search" (foo_dbsearch) plugin info...


btw: Recycler recompiled against 0.6 SDK, compilation date 2003/04/02.

[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']edit: compilitation year, you're right CuriOus George  [/span]

Third-party plugins

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I'm glad to have the recycler back.    You might want to check your calender, though.  We're in the year 2003, now. 

I've uploaded foo_addall.

Compiled on 2.Apr.2003.

Adds component menu options and keyboard shortcuts for "Add all from database" and "Send all from database".  Customizable sorting string.  Toggle for play on "send to playlist".

P.S.  I think it counts as "general".

Min compatable: 0.6

Third-party plugins

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Updated foo_dbsearch to version 0.5, here comes the full info for convenience:

Component name: foo_dbsearch
Component type (appropriate section): General
Which foobar2000 version the component works with: 0.6
Author name and e-mail address: foosion,
Short description of the component: Simple database search, playlist search style
Most important changes: new configuration, fixed auto-update
For details see readme and change log. Both files are also included in
Compile date: 2003-04-03
Download link: (contains ansi and unicode versions), (source code - use it at your own risk)

Third-party plugins

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foo_shizzle released.

Compiled 03.Apr.2003

Fixed:   Windows 2000 sizing bug. (Buttons were breaking with larger text sizes)
Fixed:   "Filename" search option is now "Path", reflecting the actual search.

Third-party plugins

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foo_shn status update: minor fixes applied & compiled against latest 0.6 sdk.

Current version is RC 2b

It's available at:

Separate Unicode and ANSI versions are included in the package for now.
A riddle is a short sword attached to the next 2000 years.

Third-party plugins

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Added new foo_output_null to my plug-ins page, here.

EDIT: FYI, they're all linked against the 0.6 SDK.

Third-party plugins

Reply #70
Added new SoundTouch DSP to plug-ins page, see previous post for the link.

LIMITATION: It can only process mono or stereo, and downsamples the pipeline to 16 bits, the only sample format supported by SoundTouch, then upsamples back to the pipeline format. Order your DSPs well.

EDIT: Posted bugfix, removed float config variables and crap. The float/int conversions between config dialog and variables would cause the variables to randomly drift toward zero every time the panel was reloaded.

Third-party plugins

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Posted null output built against the 0.58b SDK, since Oddsock hasn't provided a binary compatible with 0.6, much less the latest BASS.dll. If anyone wants that, feel free to mail him.

Third-party plugins

Reply #73
Small Recycler update.
Following Curi0us George suggestions:

- You don't have to confirm each file sent to recycle bin anymore
- plugin removes erased files' metadata from foobar's database (configurable and "on" by default)

new version is 0.7, built against 0.6 SDK, build date 2003/04/06

Third-party plugins

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Major update of foo_dbsearch (now version 0.6)

Component name: foo_dbsearch
Component type (appropriate section): General
Which foobar2000 version the component works with: 0.6
Author name and e-mail address: Holger "foosion" Stenger,
Short description of the component: Searches the database, playlist search style user interface, highly configurable
Compile date: 2003-04-06
Download link: (contains ansi and unicode versions), (source code - use it at your own risk)

- almost complete rewrite
- searching is performed in the background
- changed semantics of searching:
  only database entries that satisfy the following conditions are included in result list:
  - at least one token has to be present in search string
  - display string has to be non-empty
- added special field: %_total_tokens%
- added special field: (display and sorting string only): %_matched_tokens%
- added context menu in result list
- added search arguments (explained in readme)
- changed configuration dialog
- added time needed for search in search window title

For details see readme and change log. Both files are also included in

@Jan S.: Please update the download link(s) on the 3rd party components page, ansi and unicode versions are now in a single .zip file. Oh, and you can publish my e-mail address, too. Thanks.

edit: removed screenshot link

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