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Encode to 10 Channel m4a/aac

I can get 8 channel m4a encode with Audacity using qaac with the guide below but I need 10 channels.
Can I get more than 8 with wma also ?
youtube link

Re: Encode to 10 Channel m4a/aac

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Yes, the standard allows it. But this doesn't help if no (known) encoder in existence supports it.

Re: Encode to 10 Channel m4a/aac

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Can it be done with ffmpeg?  Seems it supports these channels: FL+FR+FC+BL+BR+BC+SL+SR+TFL+TFC+TFR+TBL+TBC+TBR+WL+WR

Re: Encode to 10 Channel m4a/aac

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Here's a 10ch wav if you can try it Drums_10ch.wav


Re: Encode to 10 Channel m4a/aac

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Btw, your file can be compressed losslessly with WavPack and both Vorbis and Opus can encode it lossily.

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