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does anyone know when the last AAC patent expires?
Support - (fb2k) / ReplayGain on Opus files
Last post by Seymour -
Version 1.3.17.
All (?) Opus music files (with RG enabled and having RG info) play on low level. When I try to rescan any of the files for Track RG, it gives a result of +5.00 dB. One more scan will give more or less right value, but decoding sound level is low then.

mp3, FLAC, Musepack files seem to be OK. Only Opus is noticed. Level difference is easy to see on Waveform Minibar (Mod) also.
Happy Holidays! This is the last update for 2017:

  • Sonic Foundry SoftEncode AC3 encoder
  • RKau lossless compressor
  • Emagic Zap lossless compressor
  • Iomega RecordIt MP2 recorder
  • Several versions of Apollo (thanks to Thundik81)
  • A few extra PlusV tools
sorry for double post.
But i'm really annoyed: I just tried it on old v0.9.5.2 Version and its smooth...
Can somebody explain this?!?!
Support - (fb2k) / Foobar Stuttering/lagging ... issue
Last post by oo131193oo -
Hello :)

I know there are already some topics about this problem but i couldn't find a solution there.
Basically it doesn't matter which output i am using(wasapi / asio or the default on (ds) ) the music has always this stottering / Sound away for less than a second..
I tried reinstalling my uni xonar driver for my asus stx II (original dont work on win 10 or dont show the gui).

Has anybody any new idea ...
I don't have that problem with other players and it doesn't matter if it is mp3 or flac. I'm just to fascinated by foobar to just give it up.


Edit: latency/buffer is high enough
General - (fb2k) / Where to start for skinning?
Last post by Foogiustiniani -
Hi everybody,

I want to customize my own Foobar so that it looks like a mix of Itunes, Groove, and Groove on the internet (which is not the same), though simpler. I will develop that under my main question if anyone is interested by this project and why I launch it.

I know nothing in code. I understood that only JavaScript was needed to achieve my goal, since I studied a bit Eole skin which combine Panel Stack Splitter and JScript Panel, along with additionnal components (However I don't remember if Es Playlist needs JavaScript or C++).

So, what do I need to create my own skin? Learning JavaScript, ok. But is there a guide to understand better how the configuration of panels work, how to organize the panels themselves, is there more than JS to know?
Moreover, can I hope achieve a very good result in less than five years? (Knowing that I work hard, but a bit obsessive/perfectionnist).
Are there guides to skin you would recommend?

Down with the questions. Why I want to skin an Itunes/Groove(s) Foobar?
First because I am tired of asking for correcting basic troubles with Groove since a long time without any change occurring (I'm a Windows Insider): Blurred album arts won't appear in headers when it is your own ripping, no composers pictures, troubles with synchronizing when album art is modified, gapless playback with a noisy scratch, ugly tracks playlist in album pages and unability to see long titles, troubles with Hi-res audio, Metadata editing does not work properly, especially when your collection is synchronized. I decided to leave definitely when I saw that some tracks didn't appear anymore, for no apparent reason.
Why ITunes? Because I love the big album arts (Groove's are too small), and some other stylish features I'd like to add.
Groove on the internet is also clearer than the app in some ways. So I want to combine all three to keep the best.
I know some effects would be difficult to replicate, but I can lower my expectations. All I want is a clear, simple but complete and design app.

I could detail that project if someone is interested, with pictures (I use gimp 2 a lot...).

Anyway, thank you for helping me know what path I should follow not to be lost in skin-designing!

Sorry for any mistakes (I'm french).

Incidentally, who is the author of the TOS? Do you happen to know? I mean, is it just the administrator or is it a collective work?
The creator of this forum, who goes by the name Dibrom, posted these terms of service on day one, to let anyone interested in joining/posting that they would not be allowed to get away with things that were being practiced in a previous forum (r3mix). There has not been a need for these terms to be modified in any way since.
Thanks for the help, guys. I got it figured out thanks to the info here.
General Audio / Re: Can I use alufoil as a cable shield ?
Last post by sven_Bent -
I have the same problem, my solution was a long cable to the rear jack. But I've read somewhere could be the way the Audio Ground is shared (or not shared) with the Chassis Ground.

In the end, This would require modifying a small PCB in the front of the chassis. And I couldn't confirm the "Correct" way it should be (Industry-Wise). Also what would be the PROs and CONs of making the change. So I went with the minimal impact option.



That was interesting.

For all others. I am just curious for the solutions. Mostly because i just like to try out stuff.
Like i do my own PSU internal cables where I braid the 3.3v, 5v and 12v wires for just the fun of it.
FLAC / Re: EAC to FLAC single file add unwanted wrong tag
Last post by Bert -
That option helped a lot. Performer and Title of the track are now written to the .cue.
Is it possible to avoid that REM Composer ""   and FLAGS DCP is written to the .cue under every track?