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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by wcs13 -
Amazing. Great job @zeremy . That's all I have to say. ;)

Dumb question maybe : how to hide the File menu ? I thought menus couldn't be hidden with DUI. Is that why you bundled CUI with your package ? And how to hide it then ?
MPC / Re: Do Musepack's inherently fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by includemeout -
Yes, as I suspected, said low numbers are not something to toot one's own horn about anymore.

At least when it comes to the Foobar app's own decoding tests, I also concur with Opus being apparently, easy on power consumption.
Not to mention that, in terms of the ever-variable storage space in phones (say, when you shoot many videos) Opus's files' tiny footprint is a more-than-welcomed "feature".
AAC - General / Re: Open Source Fraunhofer AAC Encoder (fdk-aac)
Last post by nu774 -
I've having a feeling that my deliberate attitude has become a wrong message regarding fdk-aac, so lets' make it clear.
fdk-aac is nothing special compared to other patented codecs.
ffmpeg also treats libfdk-aac dependency as "non-free" which might look something special. However, it's not because libfdk-aac will bite you but because it's simply the license of libfdk-aac is not considered to be (L)GPL compliant.

For instance, if you think you cannot freely distribute libfdk-aac binary because it's patented, then you should not be able to distribute any software that include decoder of patented codec (including ffmpeg, most of the media players or audio players) or something like that.
MPC / Re: Do Musepack's inherent fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by magicgoose -
I don't think it means anything now. Opus decoding is a lot cheaper on battery than virtually everything the phone has to do at the same time.
I used MPC for phone listening, then switched to Opus, and didn't notice any difference in terms of battery time.

Perhaps there could be some noticeable difference if I didn't have google apps on my phone and also always kept it in airplane mode, and didn't use any DSP effects in the player, and didn't touch it to see what's playing/to switch tracks/etc. But I never bothered to test a scenario which is not close to how I will use it in practice as this is practically pointless.
MPC / Do Musepack's inherently fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by includemeout -
SQ discussions apart, and as the title says, I wonder, at this day and age of major smart phone usage when it comes to portable listening (where obviously, music playback represents only a fraction of drained battery juices) whether Musepack's reportedly fast decoding speeds still hold a candle against other lossy CODECs in that department and, if that's still something worth taking into consideration.

Along with other opinions, I'd also like to hear those from people who, like me, still use it occasionally - not necessarily exclusively - when lossily enconding for, say, Android devices.
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