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Re: FLAC v1.3.3

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Here I go reading and answering the question, without noticing that the front-end was mentioned.

@gilibaus , beware the front-end; I had it eating my files: post 116 up here, or
I don't know what it does wrong, but I never had the CLI do this. Does the front-end rename even incompletely converted temp files to overwrite the original?

Rather, use e.g. foobar2000,, bitcompare to the original and only then delete.
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Re: FLAC v1.3.3

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I’m curious what happened to 1.3.4... it seems we went backwards to 1.3.3 again?

Re: FLAC v1.3.3

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Following.  Doing some CD rips and want to make sure I'm staying up to date with these things. Currently using the 1.3.2 that ships with EAC.


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