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Title: Artist Art
Post by: dnewhous on 2020-04-26 18:45:42
I have Tag&Rename and mp3Tag Pro and neither is able to pick out the "artist art" that I can select with Groove Music.  Of course, I haven't figured out how to deselect the artist art and go back to the regular cover using Groove Music.  Nonetheless, I would like to point out that software still has some way to go.  And I know Groove Music is a dead service, I just thought I would use the software for the first time in over a year.  I got the double image of Xandria's Neverworld's End off of some online catalog and it had a silhouette behind the album cover.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Now that I found out what it is for, I am impressed.  However, I can't see the artist art in either tagging software that I have. 
Title: Re: Artist Art
Post by: dnewhous on 2020-04-27 02:30:12
mp3Tag Pro is better than Tag & Rename.  mp3Tag Pro does not interfere with generating a "folder.jpg" file whereas tag & Rename generates "album.jpg" which is not standard.

I used dbpoweramp to rip the CD to flac.
Title: Re: Artist Art
Post by: dnewhous on 2020-04-27 04:58:32
What are they standing in front of?  It looks like a cathedral, library, or courthouse.  And I purchased the image, rather than simply downloaded.  At least, I think.  The site is albumartexchange and it no longer has the double image versions.  IIRC, they were called "3-D" images.  I had no idea what to expect.  I mean, I had no idea in what sense the image was 3-D.
Title: Re: Artist Art
Post by: dnewhous on 2021-03-28 19:13:44
It's been a while since I've replied to this, but does anyone know if either png or tif (lossless) files can do the same thing?
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