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Columns UI channel spectrum panel old version


I have a foobar columns UI config that keeps crashing with a Microsoft C++ Runtime Library Runtime error. Windows' problem signature or whatever it's called that pops up after the crash tells me that foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll is the culprit. After I click "close the program", a popup comes up telling me R6025 - pure virtual function call.

The 0.17.2 version of this was released in 2008 and the author seems to have given up on it, but I really like how it looks and would like to keep it if possible.

The crash seems to happen when I skip through a lot of files in quick succession. I have a large library and that might be part of the problem. My foobar's also portable, by the way.

I did some searching around and it was said in a few places that the 0.16 version of the channel spectrum panel might be fine, but that one appears to have vanished completely off the web (as far as I could tell). I was wondering if someone would have the old version of the panel lying around somewhere and would be kind enough to provide it for me, or if not, any advice on what I would do to rectify the problem.