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Topic: Someone here use the EQ of F2000 to "enhance bass"? (Read 474 times) previous topic - next topic
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Someone here use the EQ of F2000 to "enhance bass"?

This is like foobar2000 related, but in general...
In foobar2000 wiki, in the DSP Manager article, appears a note in the section of Equalizer:
"Note: The equalizer should not be used for "enhancing bass" and such. The equalizer's purpose is to correct non-linear frequency response in audio hardware. If you do not understand what that is, please do not use the equalizer."

Did someone here ignore this thing and put his 56 hz to 77 hz to +6 or +12, in an attempt to "enhance bass"? Someone here ignore that thing?

Screenshot 32: The note in foobar2000, in DSP Manager article
Screenshot 33: My actual DSP Plugins actives, and my Equalizer config.


Re: Someone here use the EQ of F2000 to "enhance bass"?

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Huh. First time I've read that about an equalizer. Is there a reason it can't or shouldn't be used for preferential EQ? I use convolution to 'correct' the music for my headphones, and an additional graphic EQ for (mild) preference changes. Nothing as large as in the screenshot.
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