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Topic: overview - what foobar's remit regarding formats and what is done by 3rd party (Read 552 times) previous topic - next topic
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overview - what foobar's remit regarding formats and what is done by 3rd party

Apologies in advance for my lack of perspective on the matter

I have used Foobar with a smattering of components for years - reading SACD and DVD audio and other file formats, dealing with different codecs, likely duplicating function or even interfering with each other.

The advantage of decentralization is that people might make their own components hoping to better what is out there - but downside is that ill informed people like me have no idea of what works best. 

Are there article or post anyone can point to which gives a decent overview of which components do what?

Currently trying the foobar2000 v2 and I notice that none of the .ISO files or .dsf files (and probably some others) are listed - as they were with my current components and the non beta v1.

They all play fine - Iso's if dragged into a playlist or double clicked for .dsf for example, but my Album list fails to recognize them.

I am not sure whether to go back to V1 (if my config is still intact after this exercise) or whether to try troubleshoot.

Thanks for an comments 


Re: overview - what foobar's remit regarding formats and what is done by 3rd party

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Have you tried this component:

Yes thanks - that is what I am using - was using an earlier version with FB2k v1 and that played at double speed on the FB2K v2. So I upgraded to 1.5.4 and that cured that.

As I think I said - the player will play SACD files beautifully as it will with a variety if .ISO's - sound is pristine and better than ever (sure that is just a memory failure of how it sounded before but anyways...)  - but FB2k-v2 wont parse the files and include them in my album list.

I can drop SACD and ISO's into the playlist and they appear there, with complete listing - and I even see the album cover displayed. But that does not prompt them to appear in the album list either temporarily - nor less to remain there after restart

Something somewhere - either in this v2 beta FB2k - or in the plugin, is not recognized by the album list database.

I dont see anywhere where one can control which files are listed as music files (vs being ignored on the album list) but perhaps there is a tweak which might effect that. 

Still - question is whether the plugin is failing to database those files - or whether that is FB2k v2