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Re: Biography Discussion

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Really hope this hasn't been asked before? If so, I couldn't find it. I'm trying to get the Biogs to download to the same file without the source being appended. So, I don't want:
THREE DOG NIGHT [Lastfm Biography].txt
THREE DOG NIGHT [Allmusic Biography].txt

I realise one will overwrite the other but I'm not bothered about that - I just want some basic info. At the moment, the Options are set to download to:
Any way to do this?

I'm using the latest GReborn, but with a few changes as I don't like ESLyric. It never finds what I'm looking for whereas Lyrics Show 3 is instant and finds everything, esp with foo_multisource added. The changes have also meant ('cos I don't fully understand where everything is in the newer GR releases) that I have lost the Wikipeadia search in Biog. Dunno if there's an easy way to get that back??

Many thanks for any help.